Denzel Washington and the day he revealed he was a dumpster before he became an actor

In Hollywood there are many famous people who thanks to their perseverance are now very recognized and star in important films, some of them are the children of other great histrions, but there are also others who have found it difficult to stand out and who Before being in the middle they did other jobs such as Denzel Washington.

In his youth the actor did this work (Instagram).

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In his youth the actor did this work (Instagram).

Throughout his career Denzel Washington has starred in several films, most of them action as EThe Justice, Man on Fire, The Flight, American Gangster, among many others, but before arriving in Hollywood he was a garbage collector.

In a video circulating on TikTok, the actor recalled the beginning of his career, But he also mentioned that before he was famous he had to work as a garbage collector, something that he says was difficult.

“When I was 20, I grew up in Malverne, New York, I worked for the sanitation department, I was a garbage dump. I worked on the back of the truck. Twenty-two square blocks, that was difficult. movies that are difficult. ”

On the other hand, In 2017, he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s program, where he also spoke about his work as a garbage man.. The actor mentioned that there were times when they called him to pick up furniture or other objects that were no longer useful, so when he did this they gave him a little more money.

He also said that the people who do this work do not receive any tips, so it would be good if others gave them extra money for doing this work.

After doing this work, Denzel Washington entered Fordham University in where he began to study journalism, however, when he had the opportunity to participate in a play He realized that acting was what he liked, so he later moved to San Francisco to study at the American Conservatory of Theater.

In 1977 he had his first break in the cinema when he worked in Wilma, But 10 years later, after appearing in different films, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor by Cry of Freedom. After there, the rest is history.


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