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Cardi B is the ‘Queen of audios’ on Tiktok and these 5 funny moments prove it

This October 11 we celebrate the 29th birthday of Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known worldwide as Cardi B, one of the most popular rappers in the recent music industry, who has gained recognition not only for her artistic career, but also for her controversial appearances on social media that have gone viral on Tiktok.

Cardi B has been one of the personalities who has not delivered the most memorable moments in the pandemic, both through his music and in the live broadcasts he performs to live with his followers and has become the Queen of Tiktok audios thanks to these 5 moments.

5 moments that crowned Cardi B the queen of audios on Tiktok

  • “You, soursop face”

The singer is an expert in saying completely random things that we will remember for a lifetime and, in one of her typical live transmissions on Instagram to vindicate her “street” essence in front of her detractors, she launched a very peculiar insult. How is someone with “soursop face“Only the artist knows.

  • “My Spanish is very ratatatá”

With roots from the Dominican Republic, Cardi B He has had to deal with Latin American culture in the United States all his life, that is why Spanish is a language that he understands and masters, although many times formulating sentences can present a challenge as demonstrated in this video.

  • Cardi B and her audio of the coronavirus that went viral on Tiktok

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has brought us mixed feelings but also all kinds of viral digital phenomena and one of those that will go down in the posterity of this period marked by uncertainty and the health emergency is that footage in which the rapper shows her concern about the new coronavirus in a very comical way: “sh * t is gettin ‘real,” he exclaimed just before the entire planet went into mandatory lockdown for over a year.

Cardi B It has also been distinguished by its controversial behaviors and confrontations in front of the cameras and one of the best known was the one that starred in the reality show ‘Love & Hip Hop’ of VH1, where, literally, it exploded against one of the participants in the discussion and demanded an explanation in an epic and scandalous way. Enjoy this moment here.

  • “What Is That?”, Cardi B’s audio that made Tiktok laugh and left very confused

The perfect audio to express confusion. We’re not sure what the “WAP” singer saw at the time, but we can never forget her reaction. “My God, what is that?” He exclaimed with surprise and concern during one of his Instagram Live.

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