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Bershka covers Julia Roberts’s most famous American on the big screen: 39.99 euros

Cinema and fashion have always gone hand in hand, that is something that we already take for granted. One of the most iconic actresses of the last decades has undoubtedly been, Julia Roberts. The actress of 53 years has done countless roles in film and television, but today we want to focus on the one he did in one of the films in which he has participated that has raised the most money, My best friend’s Wedding, movie from 1997.

julia roberts american

The most exact copy of Julia Roberts’ blazer in Bershka

In that role, Julia Roberts did not leave anyone indifferent with her looks, as is the custom in it, and this time we are going to stop at itAmerican oversize what did you wear during that movie. What is the reason? Well now it can be ours a trustworthy replica what has been put up for sale Bershka, and for a price of € 39.99.

bershka jacket

The jacket he wore in that movie more than 20 years agoit will be of gray with white pinstripe, and took her in a famous scene that happens in a restaurant, during a family meal.

For Bershka This is a decided bet for a garment that it is very combinable, especially during these halftime months, and who wants to also be an icon of the image of a strong woman with personality, something that also Julia Roberts inspires us.

Actually the imitation that Bershka will offer us in brief does not give rise to doubts, since it is very faithful to the American of the film, and we are looking forward to having it either to work, for a dinner, or for a chance meeting. What is certain is that these garments, which were a trend in the 80s and 90s, have returned to stay with us for a while.

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