Before getting back to Jennifer Lopez, who were Ben Affleck’s girlfriends?


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck gave love a new chance after 17 years apart. But, during that time, they had other partners: he meets the 2 women who fell in love with the actor.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
© GettyJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Sometimes it is not the right time or place, but when two people are destined to be together they always meet again. Such is the case of Jennifer Lopez and Ben affleck, who after 17 years resumed their love story. Known as Bennifer, the actors were a couple between 2002 and 2004, although it was in 2005 when they announced their final break after suspending their engagement.

And, after taking different paths, now Ben affleck and Jennifer Lopez they met again. It was on May 11 when the rumors of their reconciliation began after she, in mid-April, announced her separation from Álex Rodríguez after four years of dating. However, it was not until a month later that the actors confirmed their reunion with a passionate kiss.

However, despite the fact that “Where there was fire ashes remain”And they demonstrated it perfectly, it was several years that they were separated and too many people that went through each one’s life. On the one hand, she was married for many years to Marc Anthony, with whom she had two children, while he conquered the hearts of two other celebrities.

Ben Affleck’s girlfriends before he got back with Jennifer Lopez:

1. Jennifer Garner:

During the filming of the movie Pearl harbor, in 2004, was when the actors met. He had just broken up with JLO while she was already single. Their relationship advanced by leaps and bounds and in 2005 they gave the “Yes, I want”To later have three children together: Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. But in 2015 the artists ended their marriage after ten years together.

2. Ana de Armas:

Ben affleck and Ana de Armas were captured traveling in Cuba during March 2020. It is still unknown how or when their relationship began and even ended, but apparently their bond was very fleeting. However, some people close to the actor claimed that he was very much in love.

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