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Antonio Banderas tells how with filming like ‘Indiana Jones’ (and what he likes least about them)

Antonio Banderas, who a few weeks ago boasted of his daughter Stella del Carmen in San Sebastián, has said that in the next few days he has to leave to shoot a fifth of Indiana Jones. “Let’s see if I survive that experience“, has related the actor in The Hormiguero, after commenting that after the recording he will premiere a new musical in Malaga. The interpreter, who has fulfilled his dream of taking Madrid A Chorus Line, the play that he directs and that is starring Manuel Bandera, has explained what the difference is from a normal shoot to a blockbuster such as the film starring Harrison Ford. “I’ve shot movies in four weeks and sometimes less. This has been going on since June and I will finish it in December. Its deployment is huge because they can have up to five different units that work at the same time and in different countries “, he commented. In addition, the artist from Malaga, who has assured that it is fantastic that they have him in a project of such magnitude, has related that somehow in the end this type of fiction so great are “very impersonal“.


Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, very proud of their daughter Stella’s new project

The actor has explained that in projects of such large dimensions in the end you do not know everyone what is working and what he prefers to be in smaller movies because he likes them more. “More equipment is generated and more is in contact with the creators. On the other hand, films like Indiana Jones They are massive, they are big dinosaurs. What you have to do is abstract yourself from that and try to focus on what you have to do“, Antonio has said about the fifth installment of this film that will be directed by James Mangold, responsible for Logan, instead of Steven Spielberg, who gave up doing it for the first time in the franchise’s 39-year history.

Neither have details been given of the character that the man from Malaga will play, but he will share scenes with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Renée Wilson, Toby Jones and Thomas Kretschmann. What’s more, Indiana Jones 5 It will be the first film in the adventure saga produced by The Walt Disney Company after the purchase of the Lucasfilm studio, also responsible for Star wars And although Steven Spielberg will not be the director, yes he will remain as producer with Kathleen Kennedy in this film in whose script the brothers Jezz and John-Henry Butterworth have collaborated with Mangold.


Antonio Banderas to star in the miniseries ‘The monster of Florence’

In addition to filming Indiana Jones, in the next few months Banderas will be directing and producing Company, the musical that is scheduled to arrive in Malaga on November 17. But not only that, the interpreter of Pain and glory has many pending releases for 2022. Among them, Unchurted, Banshee, The Enforcer, the miniseries of The monster of Florence, and the second part of El Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, where he gives voice to the protagonist.

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