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4 Movies About Police Corruption And Where You Can Watch Them

In recent months, fans of Brooklyn nine-nine they had to face the sad reality that the series was saying goodbye forever. Between a formula that ran out and the desire not to joke with the police anymore after so many cases of brutality reported in recent times, which led to the movement Black Lives Matter, the series of NBC put an end to his story. In the cinema, it is full of films that represented the way in which the law enforcement officers perform of which we tell you about four and where you can see them.

4 – Dragged Across Concrete

Vince vaughn and Mel Gibson They put themselves in the shoes of two policemen punished by the department, after a video of them leaked and their violent mechanisms when dealing with suspects. For this reason, they will have to resort to unconventional mechanisms to recover the economic differential that they lost when they were suspended. Of course, stealing from criminals does not always go well. Directed by S. Craig Zahler, you can see it in Amazon Prime Video.

3 – Point Break (Prime Video)

Keanu reeves plays the great promise of a police department in which a gang of criminals who rob with masks of presidents are the unsolved nightmare, mainly for the veteran Pappas. Johnny Utah (Reeves) manages to infiltrate the gang with which he ends up involved in the criminal acts that those led by Bodhi they do to finance their life dedicated to surfing. You can see this production on Prime Video.

2 – The place where everything ends

HBO Max has in its catalog a star-studded title like Ryan goslin, Mahershala Ali, Bradley Cooper and Eva mendes.Gosling He is an acrobat on a motorcycle who, after discovering that he has a child to support, begins robbing banks. In the middle, you will come across Avery (Cooper), an officer who aspires to make a political career within the forces and is willing to put everything at stake in order to do so.

1 – The Departed (HBO Max)

One of the best movies of Martin Scorsese who knew how to bring together artists of the level of Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Wahlberg. It focuses on a police officer who infiltrates the most important gangster gang in the city, who in turn enlisted one of his pupils in the police forces to have control of the law in the city. This film full of betrayals is available at HBO Max.

Bonus track – Cop Land

Sylvester Stallone brings to life the only police officer who was not reached by corruption mechanisms in New Jersey. He will be the central figure in an investigative case for the murder of two African-American teenagers by an officer who, erroneously, believed he had been shot with a gun. The bad news is that this film with figures like Harvey Keitel, Robert De Niro and Michael Rapaport it is not found on any platform.

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