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Year Of The Griffin HearthStone Heroes Of Warcraft Debuts

We are on that special date for Hearthstone players with the arrival of the new year. All the cards are already on the table, the cliché fits perfectly, and all the Forged in the Wastes cards are displayed and waiting for you to get them. You are ready to receive the new Year Of The Tap.

The Year of the Griffin in HearthStone arrives in less than a week

The Year of the Griffin in HearthStone arrives in less than a week

All ready and ready for the arrival of the new Year Of The Griffin to HearthStone. By now, the patch with all the new content should be downloaded and the new cards from the Forged In The Wasteland expansion and the new basic set are waiting to arrive on March 30 to renew the game’s metagame. Day in which we will be able to open the new packs and on the AkbLive twitch channel we will have the mega-pack with 85 packs of the expansion and where I have accumulated more than 7K gold to buy more packs. We are going to give a last review class by class in a new way that I wanted to try, I hope you like it.


The expansion gives the Demon Hunter a lot of “last gasp” synergy with a good set of minions from this synergy and a weapon that I think is very good. Without a doubt, that deck has to be tried.


Forged in the wastelands reinforces the provocation mechanic and I think it also aims to maintain the use of tokens, since after the rotation many spells rotate and with this expansion some of them will be replaced.


More beasts are coming for the hunter. A good bunch of the new cards are meant to be put on the table, even the damage spells that it incorporates support the game with them. We are going to see a very aggressive hunter again in this goal, I think I’m not wrong.


Freeze synergy is back. Several spells of this mechanic in wizard go with the rotation and some cards arrive to counter it. The other very attractive synergy is to increase hero power and make it the mainstay of the deck. We saw some cards of this synergy at the beginning and with the arrival of some more they make it a desired practice to be tried by many players.


Clearly Forged in the Wastes comes to retrieve the Paladin Secrets deck. I don’t know if it will be as effective as it was at the time, but it is clear that the trend is that and most new cards support it, especially that weapon that seems absolutely effective with this mechanic.


From my point of view the priest seems quite depleted in terms of mechanics. The main resurrection ones are going to rotate and the new one that has been included for healing does not seem so powerful to me. How you always have to wait but either things change a lot or unless you are surprised you can go very low at the finish line.


Venom is predominant in this rogue expansion set. Weapons and minions benefit from spells of this type. How win condition It does not seem very effective to me, but if it is possible to nurture the bundle of tools that accompany the mechanics, it can be decisive.


The new keyword is created and intended to be used with warrior. It suits him like a glove for his role as minions with ramming and charging but who support the damage, that’s why frenzy is found in more warrior minions than in the rest of the classes. It is not bad, but it seems to me it is not powerful enough to counteract other mechanics that are being seen.


A good handful of attrition cards arrive at Warlock. The new rotation is going to relegate a good group of cards of the “discard” type to take the game to fatigue and survive before the rival. The zoo wizard is also nurtured, albeit in a lesser way, with imp cards and cards. buffo to minions.


I left it for the last one because I long see him the strongest with the new cards. Especially murlocs. I think we are going to get tired of seeing these beings on the battlefield because there are a good number of them destined for shamans and of very high value. Undoubtedly someone at Blizzard has given them to put them as if they were watering gremlins. The other version of elementals is also very strong and I do not rule out a control deck with them for shaman. I think this hero is going to be very high in the meta at least in the beginning of the new season.


And as usual in neutral cards, we find henchmen of a bit of everything. To highlight the two murlocs, which do nothing more than add more power to the shamans. The legendary minion Kargal is interesting for the synergy with the new outposts, I leave this link here so you can see them all. A one cost elemental that is very reminiscent of the fire bug and is also very supportive of shaman. Help the demon hunter last breath mechanic. And the return of the patron in a version with frenzy that we will see if he enters the finish line well, but as he does it as he did in the Black Rock Mountain set, we will see it a lot.

This is my review of the new expansion. With the arrival of Forjados in the wastelands together with the new essential set, a great start to the season is predicted with the year of the tap. And like each expansion, we have pre-purchases available again. A standard pack with 60 Waste Forged booster packs, 2 random Legendary Waste Forged cards, and the Hamuul Rune Totem card back for € 49.99. And the mega pack with 80 Waste Forged packs, 5 Wastes Forged gold packs, 2 random Golden Waste Forged Legendary cards, Druid Hero Hamuul Rune Totem, Hamuul Rune Totem card back, and perks for Battlegrounds for € 79.99. By clicking on the following image you can access the store to pre-buy.

The Year of the Griffin in HearthStone arrives in less than a week

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