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What is ‘BLACKFISHING’ and why have celebrities like Jesy Nelson and Ariana Grande been criticized?

For a few days, after jesy Nelson, the former member of Little mix, will release his debut solo solo titled “Boyz“, In collaboration with Nicki minaj, the term “blackfishing“It has returned with force to the conversations of the mass media.

This controversial term has gotten into trouble and criticism to various personalities of the show, among them are Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, Christina Aguilera and more, because it can even be seen as a type of violence and lack of respect for culture. But what does the “blackfishing“?

What is “blackfishing”?

This Anglo-Saxon term emerged on social networks a few years ago and, in the words of the journalist Wanna thompson for CNN: “It’s when white public figures, influencers, and the like do everything in their power to appear black.”

This is problematic because, although with the “blackfishing“is celebrated at black culture and to the Afro-descendant population, it is done without all the burden that it implies and is used when said characters undergo extreme tanning, make use of tendencies born from said social sectors and more.

Criticism of Ariana Grande and Jesy Nelson for “blackfishing”

One of the more recent cases of this, as we already mentioned, involves jesy Nelson, ex Little mix, who on October 8 published his song and video clip “Boyz“, next to Nicki minaj, and has received accusations for the footage and for using expressions from the color community in the song’s lyrics. Also, it might not have been the first time he has done it and this is known as a result of an alleged Fight with Leigh-Anne Pinnock, his former groupmate.

You can learn more about the previous controversy at this link. Ariana Grande has also been the target of “blackfishing“And it is that some detractors say that, from the beginning of his career, he has chosen to wear an increasingly dark complexion, being of Italian-American and British descent.

“Blackfishing”, a controversy that has reached RosalĂ­a, Iggy Azalea, Christina Aguilera and Bruno Mars

Christina Aguilera She was not spared either, and years ago, in the midst of the boom of her career, to show her distinction in the pop industry, she received criticism for appropriating some customs of black women in her music videos. Another artist who caused a stir was Iggy Azalea who, at the beginning of July, with the publication of the video clip for the song “Iam The Stripclub“She was accused of showing off a more tanned complexion than normal.

The “blackfishing“has even reached Rosalia. The Spanish woman underwent public scrutiny after the cover of People magazine in which she appeared in May 2020 was released, where we can see that her skin appears to be a different tone from that shown in the rest of her media presentations.

Bruno mars Also, throughout his career, he has faced criticism that blames the singer of Filipino and Puerto Rican parents for making use of aspects of black culture in his music.

What do you think about the “blackfishing“And the artists who have been accused of this appropriation? Leave us your comments and remember to follow us on our social networks for more information on your favorite artists.

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