Warframe will offer exclusive rewards to players who collaborate in the fight against cancer

Digital Extreme presents its Quest to Conquer Cancer charity campaign alongside the Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto.


The sci-fi shooter Warframe, has a season in which it has not stopped celebrating successes, with almost 200,000 players gathered to watch TennoCon, the game broke its own record for activity on Steam. Now, Digital Extremes hopes to leverage that strong community the game has garnered for significant action, get funding to fight cancer.

Donations will have exclusive in-game rewardsThe month of October is breast cancer awareness month and Warframe in collaboration with Toronto’s Princess Margaret Cancer Research Hospital, have launched a beautiful initiative. Throughout the month of October, some of Warframe’s most-viewed content creators will be streaming on Twtich for achieve more than $ 100,000 in the campaign Quest to Conquer Cancer.

Warframe Image

We will also have charity merchandisingThrough the platform streaming and from Donor Drive, on the Quest to Conquer Cancer website, users will be able to make donations for the hospital, they will have exclusive rewards, including content for the upcoming The New War expansion. Each donation will count towards a reward tier that will unlock in-game content on all platforms.

There will be new rewards as new donation levels are reached. Sheldon Carter, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Extremes is proud to the gaming community for being “inclusive, welcoming and charitable”. A new line of merchandising charity that includes T-shirts, a pin, and a Kuaka floof plushie. If you want more information about the rewards and follow this beautiful initiative, you can visit the Warframe website.

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