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‘Venom 2: Carnage Released’: Who is Knull and why could he be a part of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’? – Movie news

‘Venom 2: Carnage Freed’ not only faced two powerful symbiotes, it also opened the door to Knull, one of Marvel’s most powerful characters and who could debut in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. Here we tell you all the details.

Venom 2: Carnage Released it quickly positioned itself as one of the most popular movies at the global box office. And how could he not, who would want to miss the epic battle between Venom from Tom hardy and Carnage from Woody harrelson? However, the film directed by Andy Serkis It also opened the door to Knull, one of the most powerful Marvel characters and who could debut in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Who is Knull to begin with? Well, everything has an origin, even the symbiotes, who are Knull’s creations, a supernatural god from the darkness. He is even considered an avatar of Oblivion, a cosmic being that also represents one of the many forms of death.; this being was born long before the creation of the multiverse.

This is what Knull looks like in the Marvel comics.

Having this on the table, it is not surprising that Knull possesses unimaginable powers as a divine being, although attached to evil and destruction. This is how, by experimenting with his powers, he discovered that he could create parasites capable of attaching themselves to an inferior host and causing all kinds of chaos, effects that we saw with Carnage and Kletus Kasady in Venom 2: Carnage Released.

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Thor’s ways (Chris Hemsworth) and Knull have crossed paths on various occasions, as the symbiote god decided to conquer various worlds with his fleet of Dragon Symbiotes. This led him to try to dominate the planet Earth, however, the God of Thunder was there to defend it against any threat.

After fighting a tough battle with some Dragon Symbiotes, Thor managed to interrupt the connection between Knull and his army, this caused the extraterrestrial parasites to take the forms of common symbiotes and spread around the world. Although this did not mean the loss of the planet because the symbiotes learned the value of honor and nobility from the human bodies to which they adhered. Together they locked Knull in a prison.

On the other hand, and perhaps the story that they will soon adapt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be that of Gorr the Butcher God, a villain who will be played by Christian bale. This character pHe comes from a dark planet in the universe that suffered a series of attacks and, after seeing his parents, children and pregnant wife die, Gorr opposes the will of the gods because of his indifference.

This is how he manages to form an army of Berserkers, accompanied by a powerful alien weapon known as All-Black the Necrosword, which is, in essence, the first symbiote created by Knull, who took the form of a sword made of living darkness.

The sword that Gorr carries is the same one that Knull made with the first symbiote called All-Black.

This weapon has the necessary power to annihilate any God, so Gorr decides to avenge his family by murdering and torturing all the gods in his path, which includes Thor and his associates. This is how Knull could come to the MCU very soon, perhaps as a reference in Spider-Man: No Way Home due to the post-credits scene that we saw in Venom 2: Carnage Released or in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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