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Today’s events October 12: the most important events in history | World

Today’s ephemeris: October 12, but 1968, Hugh Jackman was born, an Australian actor best known for bringing the character ‘Wolverine’ to life in the X-men film series.

Margin data: Regarding today’s horoscope, people born on October 12 have the Libra sign.

Other ephemeris of today October 12

  • 1492.- Christopher Columbus disembarks on the island of Guanahaní, which he called San Salvador, and discovers America.
  • 1825.- Battle of Sarandi (Uruguay), in which the Uruguayans beat the Brazilians.
  • 1847.- The telecommunications company Siemens AG is founded in Berlin.
  • 1923.- The Costa Rican Academy of the Language is founded.
  • 1925.- Inauguration of the Mexican University of Guadalajara.
  • 1927.- Foundation of the Dominican Academy of the Language.
  • 1931.- The statue of Christ is inaugurated on the Corcovado mountain (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).
  • 1964.- The Soviet Union launches three cosmonauts into space in Vosjod-1, the first spacecraft with capacity for more than one crew member.
  • 1968.- Opening of the XIX Olympic Games in Mexico.
  • 1968.- Independence of Equatorial Guinea after 180 years of Spanish sovereignty.
  • 1973.- Perón assumes his third presidency in Argentina.
  • 1984.- British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher emerges unscathed from an IRA attack at the Grand Hotel in Brighton.
  • 1988.- Steve Jobs launches NeXT Computer, his first computer without Apple.
  • 1990.- Bolivia and Paraguay join the Rio Group.
  • 1999.- The UN estimates that on this date the 6 billion inhabitant of the Earth is born.
  • 2000.- The Chinese playwright exiled in France, Gao Xingjian, Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • 2002.- Attack of the jihadist group Jemaa Islamiya in a nightclub in Bali (Indonesia), with 202 deaths.
  • 2006.- Nobel Prize in Literature to the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk.
  • 2007.- Former US Vice President Al Gore and the UN Intergovernmental Group on Climate Change, Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 2010.- The first video game developed in Latin America is launched, “Lucha Libre AAA: héroes del ring”.
  • 2017.- The US leaves Unesco, a decision seconded by Israel.

Who were born on October 12?

  • 1798.- Pedro I, emperor of Brazil.
  • 1934.- Richard Alan Meier, American architect.
  • 1935.- Luciano Pavarotti, Italian tenor.
  • 1949.- Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, Venezuelan terrorist known as “Carlos” or “Jackal”.
  • 1950.- Paul Otellini, American, CEO of Intel.

Who died on October 12?

  • 1492.- Piero della Francesca, Italian painter.
  • 1870.- Robert Edward Lee, “General Lee”, American military man.
  • 1924.- Anatole France, French writer.
  • 1996.- René Lacoste, French tennis player and businessman.
  • 1997.- John Denver, American country singer.
  • 1999.- Wilt Chamberlain, American basketball player.
  • 2002.- Ray Conniff, American composer and conductor.
  • 2005.- Gazi Kanaan, Syrian Interior Minister.
  • 2007.- Carlos Victoria, Cuban writer.
  • 2013.- Óscar Hijuelos, American writer of Cuban origin, winner of the Pulitzer.
  • 2020.- Conchata Ferrell, American actress.

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