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This was the day that Cardi B prepared chiles en nogada for Angélica María

It is not surprising that many famous Mexicans know each other and even make quite close friends because they are part of the same industry, but something that has attracted attention is when an international celebrity meets a famous national, such was the case from Cardi B when she became friends with Angélica María declaring herself a fan In a television program, a quite unexpected meeting and a feeling in social networks is tired because not only did they meet in person but also because you liked Mexican food.

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In September in the United States, the month of Hispanic heritage is celebrated, so Cardi B attended a program in which the theme was to commemorate this important date by cooking some traditional dishes, it was precisely in this participation that Cardi met for the first time B and Angélica María, at the beginning Cardi was shown cooking and learning how to make traditional Mexican dishes, Salvadoran and Dominican food as well as some Peruvian food.

After some time preparing the food, the famous woman went to a table to finally taste her creation and surprisingly there was Angelica María, Cardi B cooked a chile nogada and was excited to see that it would be the Mexican actress who would give the go-ahead to her preparation, she was impressed by the presence of the actress, ensuring she was scared because she had never eaten that dish and did not know if he had done it correctly.

Finally, the Mexican actress congratulated the rapper as she revealed her food was really good and everyone at the table gave her a warm applause for her culinary skills, a rather unusual interaction that has excited many on social networks as the video has circulated on Twitter and TikTok non-stop since not many understand in what context it was that the most famous were met.

Something else that stood out from the video was the actress’s excellent English, because despite being quite an old person, she seems to relate perfectly in a language that is not her own, in addition there were also users who highlighted the simplicity of Cardi by not stopping praising the famous and being admired for her presence.

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