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This is Daniel Depp, the unknown actor’s support who does not look like him at all

Johnny depp He is one of the best known and acclaimed stars in Hollywood, for his role in numerous films either in the saga of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘,’Alice in Wonderland‘or’Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘, among many others. He is an actor who has been in the spotlight a lot, not only for his film career, but also for matters of his personal life such as the legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

What was not known, or at least what many did not know until now, is that Johnny has a brother, Daniel Depp, ten years older than him.

The Depp brothers’ childhood was a very chaotic one, as they moved from place to place very regularly. They also grew up in a family where the violence, something that Johnny has talked about openly over the years.

The actor tells Rolling stone“I wouldn’t say that my youth was the perfect model for raising a child. It was a relatively violent upbringing. If you did something wrong, they would beat you. If you didn’t do something wrong, they would beat you. But my parents did their best. they could with what they knew, so I figured I would do the best with what I knew, which was to do more or less the opposite of what [sus padres] they did, and I think I’ll be fine. ”

Johnny’s influence on his brother Daniel’s career

Although the childhood of the Depp brothers was not easy, the two were very close and continue to be great influences one for each other.

In an interview with ‘The scotsman‘, Daniel says that it began as Professor of English in a school in Maine in the United States, but what he really loved was writing.

In 1994, when his brother Johnny began to rise to fame, he was encouraged to change course in terms of his professional career. At first, he was afraid because he knew that he was “entering a heated political situation”, but then that fear turned into something positive as he ended up doing what he loved the most: to write.

Daniel took out his first book ‘Loser’s Town‘, and admits that his career would not have been the same had it not been for him unconditional support his brother’s. In the interview he says, “I think the book would never have come out ahead if it hadn’t been for him telling me, ‘You have to publish something now; you’re killing me!'”

Therefore, although they have been between them for almost 10 years, have different professional careers, and that Daniel’s life is much more private than Johnny’s, the two brothers continue to have a very close relationship and are essential for each other.

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