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These are the best films of the actor who turns 55

Adam Sandler meets 55 years and to celebrate it we remember the five best movies that this actor has starred in different film genres, according to

specialized critic

‘Rough diamonds’

Here the actor gave life to Howard, a gambling addict who runs a jewelry store and struggles to pay the constant debts he takes on.

‘Hope lives in me’

On this occasion he portrayed a drama with his interpretation of Charlie fineman, a subject who loses his family in the September 11 attacks, radically changing his life.

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‘Punch Drunk Love’

It is the first serious work of the histrion in 2002, the year of the beginning of his consecration, here it was characterized as Barry in a memorable performance.

‘Happy Gilmore’

It is one of Adam Sandler’s classic tapes that tells the life of a failed hockey player who finds his calling in golf and is ready to win a professional tournament to save his grandmother’s house with the prize.

‘Like it was the first time’

Here he plays a marine biologist who has no intention of committing himself to a formal relationship, until he meets Lucy, who suffers from short-term memory loss and must conquer it daily to keep his love.

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