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‘The White Lotus’: A murder, class struggle and drugs. This is the new success of HBO – News of series

The series has positioned itself among the most watched on the streaming platform this month and has already been renewed for a second season.

The White Lotus is the new series of HBO that little by little is gaining more strength among the viewers of the streaming platform. Already positioned among the most watched of this month, the fiction, created and directed by Mike White has been renewed for a second season, despite being a limited series. The reason? The social criticism that hides behind his everyday characters has been one of his keys.

The fiction follows different people: a marriage on their honeymoon, a single woman preparing to dispose of her mother’s ashes and an elite American family trying to disconnect from their busy life in the city. All of them are going to stay in a paradisiacal luxury resort for seven days. During your stay the manager will accompany you Armond (Murray Bartlett), a man on the verge of nervous breakdown to satisfy and supply all the needs of his demanding clients.

Under this idyllic premise, the series may make you fall into the assumption of the typical crazy comedy in which different people go through absurd situations that change their lives; and in part it will be like this. But, The White Lotus it hides a social criticism and uncovers the ostentation of class that is lived in this class of resorts.


One of the main plot is based on the youngest cast of the series formed by Olivia Mossbacher (Sydney Sweeney), her brother Quinn (Fred Hechinger) and her best friend, Paula (Brittany O’Grady). Jealousy, drugs, sex, intrigues and aspirations. Screenwriter Maya Kosoff has described them on Twitter as “evil, sexy, old-fashioned teens.” They perfectly portray how difficult it can be to live with millennial teenagers, and how they manage to survive a vacation with parents who do not understand what is going through their heads.

The Mossbacher family In addition to trying to deal with three teenagers in the same room, he will also have to face marital problems, the well-known crisis of the 50s in which the father of the family, Mark (Steve Zahn), is suddenly immersed because of a possible illness. In addition, to add more news to his life, after 30 years he has important revelations from his father that will change his life.


In the first episode it is shown the coffin of one of the people who were in the The White Lotus, the most romantic hotel in Hawaii, and although it might seem like it’s going to be the engine of the entire series, you finally forget for a moment who killed who or how that corpse got there. All this masked with the superficiality and ostentation represented in the character of Shane (Jake Lacy), the husband who forms the marriage with Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) of the newlyweds.

Despite the fact that this series has been conceived as a limited series, HBO has confirmed the renewal of the title for a second season. The start of its filming has not yet been confirmed or what it will be the plot or the characters that return in the new episodes.

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