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The radical disappearance of Eva Mendes from Hollywood: why she has not accepted a role for seven years | Celebrities

In 2014 Eva Mendes made the decision to park her career in Hollywood, despite the good professional moment she was going through. In fact, since he participated that same year in Lost river, the directorial debut of her partner, Ryan Gosling, has not been seen again on the big or small screen. What has happened to him? The answer, although it was done on request, was given in 2019 to the pages of Women’s Health: “Being a mother was the least of my thoughts. But Ryan Gosling passed. I mean, fall in love with him. So for me it made sense …, no longer have children, but have their children. It was something very concrete, with him ”. Indeed, the birth of their two daughters together, Esmeralda, in September 2014, and Amada, in April 2016, radically changed their priorities. “I felt a lack of ambition, to be honest. Now I feel more ambitious at home than at work ”, she added in this regard.

That an international star like her puts her family before any professional triumph is always plausible. And more considering that he did it just when he turned 40, an age in which the film mecca, unfairly, tends to relegate its most veteran actresses to the background and good scripts do not knock on the door as often. However, that does not make the protagonist of Hitch, dating specialist or Training Day. Quite the contrary. “As a mother now, there are many roles that I will not play. There are a lot of topics that I don’t want to be involved in, so that limits my options and I’m fine with that. Now I have to set an example for my daughters. But don’t worry, I have some side jobs [por ejemplo, su propia línea de moda, con la marca New York & Company, y de cosmética, con la firma Circa]. Thank you for asking, ”she replied in early 2020 to an Instagram fan intrigued by when she will dare to put herself in front of a camera again.

Apparently, his expected return could be much closer than is believed. Or, at least, that is what he hinted last October in The Sydney Morning Herald. Beyond saying that “I applaud and admire women who can do everything, although I am not one of them,” he said: “I am beginning to feel that my ambition is returning.” This door, in fact, has already been left open somewhat earlier in an interview published in Oprah Daily: “I feel very privileged to have been able to say, ‘Okay, my day job is designing clothes right now.’ I love it, because it is something I can do from home, and I am very lucky to have been able to be at home with them. Now I can feel my ambition slowly coming back to me because my daughters are no longer babies. Little by little I feel excited about the work again and the idea of ​​creating more things on my own ”.

If something has characterized the relationship that Mendes maintains with Gosling since in 2011 they coincided in the filming of Crossroad it is, without a doubt, the tight control of your privacy. Without going any further, as much as the American press has published on several occasions that they have been secretly married, neither of them has confirmed or denied the news. And neither do excessive images of both proliferate on the streets of Miami, the city in which they reside far from the harassment of Los Angeles. This dogma, too, they keep to the letter with their little ones. “We want to make sure that our daughters are protected and have a normal childhood. So keeping them out of the public domain, as much as possible, seems correct and normal to us ”, he verbalized in Oprah Mag, where in turn he added that Esmeralda and Amada currently do not know what their famous parents do: “They don’t know. We are definitely just mom and dad to them, and we try to keep it that way as long as possible. They haven’t shown any interest in it, so we haven’t had that conversation yet. “

Eva Mendes with Ryan Gosling, in a photo from 2017. It is one of the few photos that exist of the couple. Photo: Getty

As the actress detailed in the aforementioned report by Women’s Health, More than a challenge, for her it is “a concern” to keep her daughters out of the photographers or any media glimpse. “It’s not just that we’re in this industry, it’s all about fame that is terribly scary when you’re trying to raise your kids. What I want to emphasize is that I do not allow them to pay attention to the clothes I wear. They’ve never seen me getting ready for something, they’ve never seen me at work. That’s fine for anyone who wants to do it like that, but the way I try to handle it normally is by not letting them see me in those situations. I’m just mom. And I’m more than happy to be a mom, ”she reflected. Hands down, this is being the best role of his career.

Eva Mendes, in an act of her clothing brand. Photo: Getty

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