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‘The Old Way’ being Nicolas Cage’s first western

Despite his long career, Nicolas Cage (‘Pig‘) has never worked on a movie that is 100% western. Deadline reports that will be remedied shortly after the actor has signed on to star in two films, the first titled‘The Old Way’. The film will be directed by Brett Donowho from a script by Carl W. Lucas.

The story shows Cage as Colton Briggs, a former gunman who now runs a store and lives quietly with his family. When a gang of outlaws murders his wife in cold blood, Briggs returns home to find his world on fire. Then he digs up his weapon and mounts with an unusual companion: his twelve-year-old daughter.

The second project in question will be‘Butcher’s Crossing’, a film that the actor would shoot in Montana immediately afterwards. This movie is set in 1870 and follows a man who leaves Harvard to pursue the dream of heading west to Kansas City. Once there, he joins the search for a large herd of buffalo with a group of hunters led by Miller (Cage).

The film will be directed by Gabe Polsky, himself a screenwriter with Liam Satre-Meloy, in what will be an adaptation of the 1960 novel by John Williams (no, not the composer).

“After 43 years in the cinema, I am only now invited to the important and legendary genre of western both with ‘The Old Way’ and with ‘Butcher’s Crossing”Cage said in a statement.“Finding a new ground to play at 57 is really exhilarating.”.

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