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The new Hearthstone expansion is now available

The wait is finally over, United in Stormwind, the new Hearthstone expansion, is now available.

The Year of the Griffin continues in Hearthstone with 135 new cards bringing the bustling capital city at the heart of the Alliance to life. The kit includes a new keyword, new mechanics, and a revamped Tavern Pass. This is just the beginning, and updates for the Book of Heroes, the Book of Mercenaries, and more will be coming in the coming weeks.

United in Stormwind, the new Hearthstone expansion


Mission Series: Each class has its own Mission Series, a three-part mission that explores the early adventures of Hearthstone’s new mercenary heroes. As a reward for completing all three steps of the Mission Series, you will earn a Legendary Mercenary who will join the battle with a Battlecry capable of deciding the game.

Tradable: Cards that have this new keyword offer a large number of options. Players can choose to cast the card for a powerful situational effect, or swap the card for another from their deck for the cost of one mana.


Mounts in Hearthstone: If you ask any champion, they will tell you that the fastest way to get through the capital is on your trusty mount. Mount spells grant a minion a unique buff. When the rider falls, the mount is summoned with the same stats to replace it on the board.

Tools of the Trade: When you need a tool instead of a weapon, you can use them to take advantage of unique abilities that will empower your minions.


The Tavern Pass update provides access to a variety of unlockable rewards including 12 new Hero Skins, the new Paladin Hero Yrel, Varian’s Diamond Card, the new Lion Aesthetic Coin, the Master Uncreatable Golden Legendary Card Dungar Flight, a new Stormwind card back, and EXP boosters.

The wait is over, the new Hearthstone expansion is now available.

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