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The most expensive space battle in the history of Eve Online

The Icelandic company CCP Games, developer of the video game Eve Online, a space sandbox focused on a massively multiplayer community, announced just a few weeks ago that its star title had achieved two Guinness records after a virtual space battle that took place between December 30 and 31, 2020, and that ended up with losses of US $ 378,012.

With these two awards, his total record count now totals four Guinness World Records: specifically, the milestones reached at the end of last year are that of the most expensive battle in a video game and that of most Titan ships lost in a battle of EVE Online, which are added to that of the player vs. player battle with the most participants (8,825) and to the one of highest number of simultaneous players in a PVP battle (player versus player) from a multiplayer video game (6,557).

The Massacre of M2-XFE he fought the Imperium and PAPI coalitions in what is now known as “the most destructive battle New Eden has ever seen.” US $ 378,012 It is a truly impressive figure, and it corresponds to the value of the ships and resources that were lost in the battle and not to a specific monetary investment of the players. It makes more sense if you look at the amount of time and effort invested by the participants in the contest to get hold of the destroyed assets.

The high price is related to the other record reached in December, that of destroyed Titan ships: about 250 fell in the 14 hours of the contest, almost 20% of all those that participated in it. To get an idea, the Titan class is the largest of how many exist in EVE Online, it costs billions of ISK (the internal currency of the game). These ISKs are matched in real money thanks to the fact that they can be used to buy PLEXs, “pilot licenses” that allow you to play the game for 30 days.

A Titan-class ship requires such an amount of ISK that it would take years to win through the methods offered within the game; in addition, it takes eight calendar weeks to build one. Beyond the spectacular cash price, what really matters is that the M2-XFE Massacre It took hours and hours of effort from thousands of players.

For those who are not familiar with this type of entertainment, the case of Eve Online may be surprising, but it is not a new phenomenon. From its origins with the first face-to-face Tetris competitions, precisely a title that maintains its validity and popularity thanks to knowing how to evolve and combine with all kinds of game mechanics, the world of competitive video games has evolved to reach unsuspected popularity shares, and millions of people follow the broadcasts of eSports events.

The most spectacular thing is that the M2-XFE Massacre is just one of the battles that are part of what is known as World War Bee 2, an escalation of confrontations between player factions that began in July 2020 and accumulates a global cost estimated at US $ 700,000. It marks the “third universal war” since the launch of Eve Online in 2003, and demonstrates the passion and dedication felt by fans of this massively multiplayer online game. To commemorate the Massacre, CCP Games has already announced that will erect a monument within the virtual universe of Eve Online for later generations of players to remember this epic showdown

The developer was one of the first to be surprised: “EVE Online has once again proven that Incredible and surprising things can happen within the universe of New Eden”Stated its CEO Hilmar V. Pétursson. Pétursson acknowledged that he lived through the crash holding his breath, and that he feels tremendously proud of the dedication and commitment of his player pool. For the CEO of CCP Games, it is the confirmation of the vision of the project that the company has on the potential of EVE Online. From the simulation of a autonomous economic system at diplomatic relations between factions, it is evident that EVE Online confirms that videogames can be first-class didactic spaces.

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