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A kid Spanish became the first clinical case known in the world to remain hospitalized two months for a serious Fortnite video game addiction, after the adolescent presented a behavioral disorder that led to isolation at home or rejection of social interactions.

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The news broke after the team of the Hospital from the city of Castellón (eastern Spain), where the adolescent was hospitalized, will publish the case, the only one in the world for now.

The youngest was hospitalized after presenting symptoms of severe behavioral addiction to Fortnite video game, which included isolation at home, rejection of social interactions with refusal to go to health services, persistent personal inflexibility, little interest in their environment and very selective in their tastes and with restrictive activities.

In addition, he presented alterations in the performance of the basic activities of daily life, in taking the treatment prescribed in the hospital during the day and in the rhythm of sleep, as reported by the medical team that treated him.

It was a minor with a very high previous academic performance. The family had observed, from the beginning of the beginning of the course, greater absenteeism from school, breakdown of rest schedules and disconnection from the rhythm of the course coinciding with a change in class.

According to specialists, the generalization of the use of new technologies in daily life and leisure brought to light potential damages of the inappropriate use of video game and the need for specialized treatment in those with signs of addiction behavioral.

After the evaluation, the professionals suggest that the video game addiction it acts as a regulator of the intense discomfort due to the loss of a family member and the anxiety derived from the increase in the level of demand in the educational context.

The minor’s treatment was carried out working both with him and with his family and the results showed a significant decrease in the use of screens (in a first phase after the hospitalization with supervision and only for contact with peers to promote their socialization), as well as an improvement in the personal and social functioning of the patient.

The specialists involved in the study warned about the need to pay attention to the behaviors of minors, among whom the use of video game given “the growing precociousness in its consumption”, especially due to “the lack of maturation in executive and cognitive functions during adolescence”.

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