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Stallone shares more scenes of Dolph Lundgren in the new of ‘The Expendables’

sylvester stallone and dolph lundgren for the premiere of creed

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  • Sylvester Stallone highlights the work of Dolph lundgren sharing a sequence of the new installment of ‘The mercenaries’.
  • The American and the Swede have become a regular presence with the relaunch of Rocky iv and his new collaboration with the band of men of action.
  • Jason Statham with Sylvester Stallone show muscles and the first image of ‘The Expendables 4’

    The last times are seeing how the collaborations between Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren they are narrower and more prolific. The two actors who portrayed two irreconcilable enemies in Rocky IV (Rocky and Ivan Drago) have recovered their presence in the same films with the new feature film of the boxer film and the Scandinavian will also have an important presence in the new installment of ‘The mercenaries’, judging by the images Sly is sharing.

    Sylvester Stallone, executive producer and main promoter of the film series ‘The Expendables’, wanted to have the 63-year-old Swedish actor by his side again for a new installment. In addition, he has promoted the recovery of images that did not finally appear in ‘Rocky IV’ after recovering the character of Ivan Drago for ‘Creed II ‘.

    Dolph Lundgren began his film career after his training in the army and his triumphs as a karate fighter in international competitions. He debuted in 1985 in ‘Panorama to kill’ and that same year he triumphed with ‘Rocky IV’, directed and written by Sylvester Stallone. His physical preparation has also been a fundamental part of his career and still at 63 he maintains an imposing presence.

    The Swede embodies the character of Gunner Jensen in the various installments of ‘Los Mercenarios’. He is a generally vulgar and unstable man with a drug problem who carries a grenade launcher and a large knife as distinguishing features. In addition, his knowledge of chemical engineering makes him a fundamental element in the group for his ability to manufacture pumps.

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    Dolph Lundgren has also wanted to take advantage of the relationship that unites him with the American to thank him for his return to the cinema at his side. He returned to the screens around the world with his foray into the first of ‘The Mercenaries’ after a new passage through the films of Universal Soldier with Jean Claude Van Damme. But it is with Stallone who has been seen the most because he repeated a couple of times with his cast of men of action with the particular mercenaries, he recovered the character of Ivan Drago for ‘Creed II’ and is now the protagonist of the fourth of the band of soldiers of fortune.

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