Ryan Gosling will be the new ambassador of a famous watchmaking firm

Considered one of the actors of Hollywood most promising, Ryan gosling has positioned himself among the figures in the world of cinema who associate his image with luxury firms. This is the case of TAG Heuer, a watchmaker, which recently signed it as its new ambassador.

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The bold and carefree style of the 40-year-old Canadian actor causes him to even be seen as the heir to the legendary Steve McQueen. He has also stood out for his histrionic qualities, which led him to win the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actor for ‘La La Land’ in 2017.

That – in conjunction with a masculinity projecting sensitivity and discretion at the same time – has forged its personality. This has contributed to position it in great movies that transits from the drama when playing the astronaut Neil Armstrong in ‘First Man’, to action in adrenaline-pumping movies like ‘Drive’. In this way it shows its great versatility as leading man in Hollywood.


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Ryan Gosling Tag Heuer
Photo: Courtesy.

“We are delighted to announce to Ryan gosling like ours global ambassador for your first brand association. A star from its earliest days, it has become a enigmatic icon and inscrutable, “said Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer, in a statement.

TAG Heuer
Photo: Courtesy.

The association between watchmaker stamp and the well-known actor involved creating a advertising campaign. In this it was sought to create vibrant images that were inspired by the actor’s own desire to film a proposal like no other, which was as daring as the different roles he has played in the cinema

The result is a creation where color injects emotion and an unexpected air to the visual campaign; likewise the graphic expression denotes a timeless character and elegant.

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Thus, Ryan gosling will lend its image to the launch of a new generation of 13 references of sports watches from TAG Heuer.

“I appreciate your timeless design. I like the clean and simple design in general, “said the Canadian actor.

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