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rumors predict a Battle Royale movie

Fortnite has earned a great place in the hearts of gamers thanks to its easy combat system and the constant and epic collaborations it has with other franchises and not just video game franchises.

From Marvel, DC and Street Fighter to Alien, Terminator and The Walking Dead, countless series of all kinds have seen each other on the battlefield.

It is thanks to that that it is not surprising to see that a possible Fortnite movie is already being talked about.It should be clarified that this is only a rumor today and that things could change a lot in the future, but it is a rumor that sounds louder and louder.

According to the leaker known on Twitter as @ShiinaBR, Epic Games would be working on creating an entertainment platform that focuses on movies. Which suggests that Fornite, his most popular game in history, could have a future movie.

Although the game’s movie has not been confirmed, it is very likely that it will become a reality, because when the title stops being as popular as it was before, a movie production company could be the answer to continue generating income.

We can only wait for an official confirmation on the creation of this special study, so we will be aware of any information that may arise in this regard.

Miguel Bravo is editor of IGN Latin America. Lover of everything that comes from Japan, video games and good stories. Engineering student in animation and the Japanese language. You can follow him on social networks like @DetectiveMike and on YouTube as Detective Mike.



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