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players break a new record … and then the game

In late October 2020, CCP Games revealed that the popular MMORPG-RTS EVE Online he had broken two world records. One consisted of the largest multiplayer PvP (Player vs. Player) battle in history with a total of 8,825 players. Another was the highest number of simultaneous players in a multiplayer PvP battle with 6,557 participants.

It should be noted that this was not the first time EVE Online broke a world record. In 2014, “B-R5RB’s Bloodbath” gathered 2,200 players. In 2018, “The Siege of 9-4RP2” almost tripled that amount with 6,142 simultaneous players. However, the community of EVE Online They continue to show that there is no limit to what you can achieve.

EVE Online again breaks the record for the most simultaneous players in a multiplayer PvP battle

On January 2, the largest battle in the history of the game was fought. How big? 13,770 simultaneous players participated. This combat – which is part of the so-called “World War Bee 2”, a conflict that began in July last year and resumed shortly after a Christmas truce – practically doubled the past record. However, such an amount had unexpected effects on the entire game. When 6,739 of those players attempted to rally on the M2-XFE system to fight, the EVE Online collapsed.

While the results of this battle can be impressive and even hilarious, CCP Games is grappling with a problem. Beyond the possibility that the servers will not support future events of the same scale, many players were left handicapped and disappointed by the sudden end of the fight. Through a publication, CCP has reiterated that it will not make refunds for units lost due to the failure of the servers.

After reviewing the battle, CCP Games concluded with the following observation:

“CCP and the New Eden pilots have been involved in a perpetual arms race. Players push the limits of what is possible and we have continued to improve game performance with better hardware, software and changes to mechanics. As players continue to create larger wars, they continue to push the game into uncharted territory. We salute all the players for their efforts and ambitions. This war, which has had unfortunate moments for both sides, continues to shape the world of New Eden and add exciting tales to the history of EVE Online”.

EVE Online is available for PC as a ‘free-to-play’.

Source: official page of EVE Online

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