Peaky Blinders and the movies you should see if you are the Shelbys

The rumors are true Peaky blinders, one of the best British series of recent years, will have a film that, apparently, is going to be the last we will see of the clan Shelby and his “adventures” in London’s criminal underworld.

The series began in 2014, with Cillian Murphy as the leader of a gang from 1900 England, and little by little it has become one of the most iconic and loved by fans, thanks in part to the style and perfect haircuts of the protagonists, but also because it is a a story that has a bit of everything, is inspired by real gangs, has drama, romance, betrayals and even mystery, all connected through the members of a chaotic and dangerous family.

The series is about to premiere its season 6 and after that it will be the movie that helps close the story. Steven Knight, the director, said that in the future we could have more series related to the world of Peaky blinders (take that, Game of Thrones), so it’s not necessarily the last we’re going to hear from the Shelbys and potential projects could move back and forth to see what happened before or after the times of Thomas and Arthur, and all his “associates”.

In addition to the movie of Peaky blinders, Hollywood loves a good criminal and gang story, so there are plenty of movies that fans of the series (everyone) can watch while waiting for the new, or when they miss the criminal clan.

Movies like Peaky Blinders that you should see:

Gangs of new york

Directed by Martin Scorsese, this film takes place during the American Civil War and tells the story of two enemy gangs fighting for control of New York, a growing city that is marked by tensions among the poorest.

There, Leonardo DiCaprio plays an Irish immigrant who seeks revenge on the leader of a gang who murdered his entire family. Like Peaky Blinders, the film explores the motivations of crime and those elements of human nature that lead us to violence.


Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain star in this John Hillcoat film, which takes place during the Great Depression and Prohibition in Virginia. Here, three smuggling brothers, who run a legal Moonshine operation, are seen as leaders of their community, but that does not protect them from the law and the time comes when they must confront a new policeman who arrives in town, determined to destroy them and make them pay for their crimes.

Miller’s Crossing

This movie is a 1990 classic (from Joe and Ethan Coen) and explore a bit of the history of the Irish mob in America. This crime drama tells the story of Tom Reagan, the adviser to a Prohibition-era crime boss, who tries to keep the peace after getting caught up in a union war, where he realizes that he can’t really trust anyone. .

Road to Perdition

Tom Hanks and Daniel Craig star in this movie of Sam Mendes. The film is set in the 1930s and the troubles begin when the son of a mobster becomes a witness to a crime he was not supposed to see, causing him and his father to escape to survive, eventually seeking revenge. and redemption.

American gangster

This movie happens much later in history, in the 70’s. Directed by Ridley Scott, this is a criminal odyssey in which Denzel Washington gives life to Frank Lucas, a Harlem mobster who becomes one of the most powerful and dangerous men in New York, using his entire family to grow his business and power.

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