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Movies on Netflix that will inspire you to indulge yourself at home

Give a new meaning to the phrase ‘Netflix and chill‘, with these alternatives that will make the temperature rise (it does not matter that you are alone), because you are erotic movies will be perfect to motivate you to give yourself pleasure. What do you think about the idea?

‘Perverse addiction’

Can you imagine having the perfect love and professional life and then meeting William Levy and becoming the protagonist of your sexual fantasies? Something like this happened to the protagonist who found her addiction in infidelity. This is a Billie Woodruff tape.

‘Tie me up’

This Pedro Almodovar classic is another of the erotic movies that will invite you to give yourself pleasure (and that will change your vision of sex). It tells a story loaded with erotic scenes, starring Antonio Banderas in his prime (wink, wink). You will not need more than to admire the beauty of Spanish to enter the mood correct self-pleasure.

‘A Teacher’

If among your fantasies is having an adventure with a boy younger than you, in this film you can see that desire reflected, because it is a story by Hannah Fidell, in which a teacher begins a romance with one of her students, and such a story is worthy of raising the temperature even in the coldest winter.

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