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Mark Wahlberg and the Powerful Leg Routine

Mark Wahlberg he cannot be human, he is 50 years old and looks much better than many men who are half his age, plus he trains like a beast and has the ability to regain his muscles faster than anyone else (he proved it after getting up from weight for your new movie, and get it down again in a matter of weeks).

But the truth is that not a reptilian alien or anything to do with crazy conspiracy theories, the secret of Mark Wahlberg is that he knows very well what works for his body and how to work it to achieve the results he wants, and to continue looking good no matter how old he is (although it is not that at 50 he is old).

As you already know, Wahlberg He is from the early risers clan, as part of his routine he gets up in the early morning to exercise, have breakfast and start working, and later in the day complements with another intense training session to keep his metabolism active and a low fat level. In addition, the actor usually divides his week by muscle groupsThis way you can be sure that you give each section of the body the attention it needs to be well developed.

Mark Wahlberg


Routines Mark Wahlberg They are not only intense, but they are made up of a series of exercises (between classics and some novelties) that are super effective, which changes depending on what you need at all times and for each project in which you are participating, in addition to leaving enough time to be active in other ways throughout the day (he usually plays golf and does activities with his family).

Clearly this is not a man who trains just for projects, fitness is a very important part of his daily life (it’s part of what helps him stay focused, motivated and successful), so even if he doesn’t have a movie on the doorstep, you can find him exercising and sharing his routines on social media to motivate others (that’s where he revealed what the exercise that helps you have a six pack of steel).

How to do the Mark Wahlberg leg routine

Wahlberg knows that exercise routines are best when you can kill two birds (or three) with one stone, so even when targeting a single section or muscle group, find a way to work more parts of the body. In the case of your leg routine, the experts at Jacked Gorilla say that it also adds back exercises and complements with abdominal work, cardio and stretching (which are essential to maintain good mobility).

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