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The actress revealed the arduous physical preparation she had to undergo for the role.

The 2022 will come with one of the most anticipated premieres, Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth film of the God of Thunder. This film will be one of the so-called “Mini Avengers”, as it will feature a large number of characters, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy and the return of the character of Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman.

natalie portman

Since your announcement in the Comic-con, it became known that the character Jane will not return as the Asgardian’s love interest, but will return to assume the mantle of Mighty thor. The scientist will become worthy of raising the Mjölnir, receiving all the powers that the mythical hammer brings.

In order to meet the demands of the circumstances, the actress had to undergo a strict physical training and in a recent interview he revealed what that process was like.

natalie portman

We did a lot of weight training and a lot of protein shakes, heavy weight training that I have never done before. Of course, I never set out to be bulky. It was very physical, so it was a lot of agility and strength work“Said the Oscar winner.

“DIt definitely helps you get into character, and it has definitely changed the way I move. You walk differently. You feel different. I mean, it’s so wild to feel strong for the first time in my lifeNatalie added.

natalie portman

The new movie of Taika waititi will take part of the story seen in the comics of “Mighty Thor” by Jason Aaron. In those vignettes Jane acquires all the powers of the God of Thunder when he raises the Mjölnir after Thor became unworthy. A peculiarity is that in this story, Jane suffers from cancer and each time she wields the hammer her disease progresses, as her powers cleanse her of toxins from her body, including chemotherapy drugs. During Comic-Con 2019 in which “Love and Thunder” was announced, Portman revealed that the film would also touch on the theme of his character’s illness.

As for “Love and Thunder”, It will be the first Marvel Studios film of 2022, opening in February. In the cast are, Chris Hemsworth coming back as “Thor”, Chris pratt as “Starlord”, Sean Gunn as “Kraglin,” Tessa Thompson as “Valkyrie,” Natalie Portman as “Jane Foster,” Jaimie alexander as “Lady Sif”, Dave Bautista as “Drax” and Karen gillan as “Nebula”, without forgetting Christian Bale will be the new enemy, the ruthless “Gorr the God Butcher”.

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