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Lizzo steals Cardi B’s party in sheer dress

Singer Lizzo he continues to show his body without any complex. Now, the interpreter of “Juice” surprised with his outfit during the rapper cardi b birthday party.

Photography: Instagram @promo_fm

Let’s remember that barely a few months ago, Lizzo released a song in collaboration with Cardi B. The name of the song “Rumors” and unfortunately it gave a lot to talk about because of the way it was received by a cruel sector of network users.

Photography: Instagram @promo_fm

Lizzo was a victim of trolls That they made fun of his weight and that the song, supposedly, was not succeeding on the platforms of streaming and on the popularity charts. Nevertheless, Cardi B came to her defense. And Lizzo, who is also not usually silent, also responded.

Yes OK Lizzo usually shares a lot of content on social networks -and on several occasions she has addressed those who make fun of her-, the way in which she has tried the most to combat and respond to cruel taunts is through her clothes.

On more than one occasion, Lizzo has looked defiant in front of the public what throws him fat phobic comments: dresses with transparency that reveal every fold of her skin, tight clothes and daring poses have become one of the characteristics of the singer and flutist.

Despite all the negativity, the dress the “Cuz I Love You” singer wore to Cardi B’s party it also generated a good response.

Photography: Instagram @promo_fm

Many fans praised her self-confidence, as well as the inspiring message she conveys to younger girls by accepting herself for who she is. Especially at a time when filters and edited photos reign supreme in Instagram.

Definitely, Lizzo inspires us a lot.

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