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Life and motherhood lessons from Cameron Diaz at age 49

Cameron Diaz She was always one of the favorites on the big screen for her beauty and acting talent. As if that were not enough, he always fell in love with his charisma and great sense of humor and although he is one of the most secretive celebrities of the show, it is impossible not to be waiting for your next move.

Now that the actress has reached 49 years old, she has become an example that women can continue to have great ambitions and achieve goals to feel full and powerful.

The Hollywood favorite who decided to retire to pursue other dreams

Cameron Diaz

Cameron took everyone by surprise when in 2018 he announced that he would be retiring from the industry. The actress was at the top thanks to her participation in films such as The Mask, The Holiday (2006), Knight & Day (2010), The Green Hornet (2011), Bad teacher (2011), The Other Woman (2014) and Annie (2014), all so different from each other. He also surprised when he tried his luck in dubbing by giving life to Princess Fiona in the saga of Shrek.

She proved that was not willing to be pigeonholed into a single gender nor to be just another pretty face in the industry. But although he managed to shut up many mouths and conquer the big leagues, He finally decided that he wanted to pursue other dreams.

Instagram Cameron Diaz

Her retirement was unexpected but she was nominated four times for the Golden Globe Award for her participation in the films Being john malkovich (1999), Vanilla Sky (2001), Gangs of new york (2002) and There’s Something About Mary (1998). In 2013, she was named the highest paid actress over 40 in Hollywood.

Cameron Diaz’s motherhood and success out of the spotlight

Cameron Diaz

Women are subjected to so much pressure that we end up being judged when we do not meet expectations. One of the situations for which we are so singled out is because of the way and the times in which we exercise maternity.

Diaz was always haunted by the press who constantly asked her questions about her love life and if she would ever debut as a mother. Time passed and the actress did not give the news of a pregnancy.

It was until early 2020 that she finally announced the arrival of her first baby. Diaz, then 48, gave no explanation. He simply said he was happier than ever and thanked the love and support of musician Benji Madden, with whom he has a long relationship.

Cameron Diaz

A little over a year ago, the actress decided to turn to Instagram to share with fans a little more about her day-to-day life and although she remains without being too personal, it is undeniable that he is living one of the best stages of his life.

Without knowing it, Cameron has been giving us great lessons about breaking the expectations of others to spend time to what really makes us whole.

For the actress, getting away from the spotlight has been one of the best decisions that has led her to fulfill other dreams that she might not have been able to achieve while under the demands of an industry full of external pressures.

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