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The universe Tenno keeps growing while bringing epic battles and missions to all your gamer allies; However, to face new challenges, you will need all the possible tools. That is why we will have a new Warframe update.

With it we will see a Tenno world different. Featuring new traps, old enemies with a thirst for revenge, and much more. So make yourself comfortable, because here in HDGamers we will tell you everything you need to know about the next expansion of the universe Warframe.

New Warframe Update: Yareli

Throughout history, all warframe update you want to make a considerable impact in the community, bring a new ally Tenno to the scene.

On this occasion, it was presented Yareli as a character with enough personality. But do not be fooled, this aquatic girl will make more than one suffer Corpus with his powers. If you still do not know it, here we will leave you a small sample of its power.


In case you are about to finish the missions of The War Within like the Call of the Tempestarii, you will have a new challenge.

It is a kind of jacket, created by technology Corpus. This will be in charge of submitting your resources as you explore the cosmos. Obviously, the confrontation against her is expected to be a real challenge.

Likewise, the reward for defeating her is truly unmissable. We will only tell you, that it is one of the most powerful allies in the game.

warframe update

What else does the new Warframe update bring?

If these two incredible additions seem like they are not enough to highlight this new Warframe update as one of the best in recent years, let us tell you that it is not only there.

You can also count on a new gallery of weapons with amazing appearances –I think Warframe builds are going to vary a bit-. In addition, we could highlight that there will be a considerable improvement in the rewards for ranking up.

Likewise, it is important to highlight the addition of new options and customization packages. Being the EMBER PYRAXIS the most outstanding of all.

When will it be available?

The only question that remains to be answered on the subject is precisely this. For this, we can only recommend that you run to log in.

Right now you are wasting time and you Tenno is in need of your help. After all, the new Warframe update It is now available to enjoy an incredible experience within this fantastic video game.

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