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Kingdom Hearts 3, Fortnite and WoW among the games ‘with educational potential’ according to the ISFE

The ISFE, an association that seeks to represent the video game industry in Europe and to which we owe the creation of the PEGI age rating seal, has published a list of video games with “educational potential” that teachers can use in classrooms to support their “learning activities.” It is a total of 63 recommended works that have been divided by areas of knowledge such as mathematics, languages, natural sciences, problem solving or economics, among others.

Thus, to apply the economics teaching Throughout the game it is recommended to use titles such as NBA 2K14, Fallout shelter or Civilization VI, a video game the latter that obviously can also be found among those recommended for educational activities on history and geography. In that particular section we see recommended several strategy games, such as Caesar III, and also some with a focus on the social, such as Valiant Hearts or 1979: Revolution Black Friday, although they also appear Animal Crossing: New Horizons and again, NBA 2K14.

Kingdom hearts 3 to learn languages ​​or World of warcraft for math

In the section language learning we find some educational titles related to words, such as Antura and the Letters, but also others like Kingdom hearts 3, The sims 3 and The sims 4, or Fable III, which also appears in the ethics along with games with a marked political accent like Papers, Please, Path out, This War of Mine or Bury Me, My Love.

There are some more titles related to traditional learning that of course are not lacking here, such as Minecraft: Education Edition, Nintendo Labo, Super Mario Maker 2 or the way Discovery Tour from Assassin’s creed origins. However, there are others whose presence attracts more attention, such as the recommendation to use World of warcraft to learn mathematics or Fortnite, Pokémon GO and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild related to personal skills.

In addition to the list of games there are several tools with which the ISFE gives advice to teachers about “using video games in the classroom”.



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