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Hearthstone: Wailing Cave is the new miniset with up to 35 new cards

It’s time for a new Hearthstone mini-expansion! Next June 3 will be the launch day of the Wailing Caves mini-set, Linked to the latest Wasteforged expansion. The new cards will be revealed soon, more specifically from today May 28, until we know the full integrity of the cards created by Blizzard for this Hearthstone novelty.

We have already been able to enjoy a beautiful Blizzard teaser video, with the usual artistic terms used during these years, and we only have to wait to discover all the cards that will inevitably change the meta that had been established so far in the game based on it. Blizzard world. Will the Paladin finally be dethroned, or perhaps will he be reinforced?

Wailing Caves Mini Expansion

To talk about this mini expansion, it is imperative to draw a parallel with the previous mini set: Darkmoon Races. Like that one, this is not a complete set with 135 new cards, but rather a complement to the great expansion that precedes it.

Wailing Caves will have a total of 35 new cards that will be added from 3 of June. You can obtain them in three different ways that we proceed to explain

  • First, This mini expansion can be completed by purchasing packs of the Forged in the Wastes expansion once it is released. In other words, the cards will be included in said expansion.
  • In second place, you can spend a total of 2,000 gold in the shop to unlock all cards directly in a complete pack
  • In third place, you can buy the previous package with all the cards with real money, specifically for 15 euros.

This mini set will contain 35 unique cards and therefore, 66 cards in total. We can find up to 4 Legendary cards, 1 Epic card (two copies), 14 rare cards (two copies) and finally 16 common cards (two copies).

Although he is no longer on the Overwatch team, the presence of Jeff Kaplan is present in the new scenarios of the FPS. For some, it is a journey into the past of World of Warcraft.

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Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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