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On Tuesday, Hearthstone revealed a new Priest Questline card, Seek Guidance, for its upcoming United in Stormwind expansion. The reveal came in an animation in which Xyrella and Alleria faced each other outside of the Alliance capital.

Find targeting features

Seeking guidance costs 1 mana, and Hearthstone players must complete a few quests before they can discover a card from their deck.

One has to play a 2, 3, and 4 mana card before receiving a reward and continuing his quest. Next, Discover the Void Shard requires one to play a 5 and 6 cost card.

The mana cost of the cards continues to increase. Whereas Illuminate the Void requires one to play a 7 and 8 cost card to receive Xyrella, the Sanctified.

Xyrella, the Sanctified is a 5-mana Taunt 7/7 with a Battlecry that shuffles a Purified Shard into a player’s deck. At a cost of 10 mana, Purified Shard destroys the enemy Hero.

More United in Stormwind Features

Hearthstone’s upcoming United in Stormwind expansion will also include a new keyword.

The new keyword, tradable, means that a card can be put back into a Hearthstone player’s deck. For one mana, the player can then draw a new card. An example of this is Heavy Plate, which allows players to get armor now or trade it for something else.

Players can also look forward to professional mounts and tools at United in Stormwind. While mounts can aid players in battle, Pro Tools are weapons that have special effects. The Elekk Mount card, for example, costs 7 mana and gives a minion + 4 / + 7 and Taunt. When he dies, he summons an Elekk.

The United in Stormwind expansion will launch on August 3. Interested Hearthstone players can pre-purchase it now.

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