Hearthstone launches theory writing event ahead of United’s launch in Stormwind

Hearthstone launched a theory-setting event on July 27 before launching United in Stormwind on August 3. Invited participants can create combos with new cards and beat them against their opponents.

The United in Stormwind Theory industry event also features Twitch releases. Viewers of participating live channels must watch for two hours before they can claim a United in Stormwind pass package. Another card pack can be won by watching a live broadcast for an additional four hours.

How to get drops from Twitch

To earn Twitch points, first connect your Twitch account to your Battle.net account. To do this, log into the live streaming platform, visit the Twitch Communication page, and click the Connect button next to Battle.net. Twitch Drops will be enabled after following a simple set of instructions. The stock drops Twitch page can be used to track the process required to earn and claim the reward.

There are many Hearthstone players participating in this event. can be found on Live Channels Participants page.

United launch in stormy winds

Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind has expanded by 135 new cards. Plus, it introduces new task lines, Pro Tools, assembles, and the keyword “negotiable.” When used, cards with this keyword can be exchanged for another card in the player’s deck.

Hearthstone unleashes a theory-making event before United in Stormwind
Mission card from a priest seeking guidance. | Presented by Blizzard Entertainment

As for Task Lines, they are legendary spells that start in the player’s hand and include levels of progression. After completing each step of the Questline, the player receives a reward.

The racing items in United in Stormwind are weapons that have special effects in contrast to the attack values. Meanwhile, the carrier can assist players in battle by summoning another client after the token has been removed.

Runic Mithril Rod Card. | Presented by Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone players can also Advance Purchase Expansion prior to the release date.

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