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Hearthstone Fire Festival is now live – Video Game News

Hopefully you didn’t celebrate Independence Day too much because Ragnaros is back with his famous Fire Festival in Hearthstone.

For years, Ragnaros has appeared in the summer to kick off the Mid-Summer Fire Festival. The Fire Festival usually offers players a series of events that they can complete in-game to get cool stuff. This year, the Festival of Fire will focus primarily on Legendary Quests.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Throughout the Festival of Fire, there will be seven legendary quests, in addition to the usual daily quest. Every time you complete a legendary mission, you will automatically unlock the next one. Think of it as a quest chain in From Hearthstone parenting game, World of warcraft. The first six Legendary Quests will reward you with a Year of the Phoenix card pack.

While the free packs are always fun, the last mission is where the Fire Festival really sets itself apart. After completing the final Fire Festival mission, players will get a new Druid hero skin. Completing the final mission grants players the Flame Malfurion skin shown above. Even if you’re not a great druid player, you can’t complain about the chance to win a free skin.

The Fire Festival will also introduce a new flame-themed pack to the store. The Eternal Flame pack will include the Flamewalker Rexxar and Righteous Inferno Uther hero skins, as well as the Ragnaros card back and the Shaman hero. You can get the package for $ 19.99. Both the Eternal Flame Bundle and the Fire Festival quest line will be available in-game until July 20.

Tomorrow, July 7, players can take on a Ragnaros-themed tavern brawl. In the upcoming Brawl, players will build a deck to use in a duel that will feature a miniature Ragnaros that will wreak havoc on both players.

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