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Hearthstone details the news of its new season

Blizzard has announced that Hearthstone enter this 2021 in the Year of the Griffin, which will translate into a new season that brings large-scale changes, hundreds of new cards and more game modes. As you might suppose, the starting gun for all these novelties will be given with the launch of a new expansion titled Forged in the Baldos and that as its name suggests, it will be inspired by this emblematic location of World of warcraft in which many adventurers began their journey.

A new expansion

In total, this expansion bring with it 135 new cards, adding new keywords, new mechanics and 10 legendary mercenary minions. As usual, we can already reserve a megapack of Forged in the Tiles for 79.99 euros, which will give us access to 85 envelopes, five of which are gold cards. In addition, we are guaranteeing two random golden Legendary cards, the Alternate Hamuul Rune Totem hero and his card back, and Battlegrounds perks. There is also another pack of 60 envelopes that costs 49.99 euros.

New mode

In addition to said expansion, Blizzard announced that a new mode called Hearthstone Mercenaries will be added this year., a new competitive modality in which we can bring together the characters from the universe of Warcraft to level them up.

A new Essential set

Of course, With the arrival of the Year of the Griffon, there will also be a new Essential set that we can unlock for free as we level up., offering us a collection of 235 cards in which we will find both classic cards and new ones. In total they are 160 class cards and 75 neutrals.

The classic format

Finally, a new game format will be added, the classic, which adds to standard and wild. As its name suggests, this format seeks to replicate the game as it was when it was launched in 2014, so we will only be able to use the original cards of Hearthstone just as they appeared at the time.

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