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Hearthstone and a new free game mode: Mercenaries

Blizzard announced that starting October 12, a new free-to-play mode featuring legendary characters from the Warcraft universe is coming.

Hearthstone - Mercenaries

Blizzard announced the return of Hearthstone: Mercenaries, a new game mode that combines RPG mode with elements of the roguelike genre and without the need for a virtual deck of cards. In this free mode, you can collect and recruit legendary characters from the Warcraft universe to fulfill contracts and win games. Squads can be assembled with a variety of combinations among the more than 50 unique Mercenaries available. Hearthstone: Mercenaries will be available worldwide starting October 12.

Build good teams in Hearthstone: Mercenaries, the key to winning

This is the process with which Hearthstone will begin to play in Mercenaries mode, as explained by Blizzard on its official page.

  • Starting squad: The combat and village tutorials are completed first, and then all players will receive eight strong Mercenary starting cards. It will be essential to start on the right foot.
  • Quick and turn-based combat: In one-on-one battles, players choose their moves simultaneously until their opponent is defeated.
  • Progress: Mercenaries gain experience when they defeat enemies until they reach level 30, which is the maximum.
  • Collect all Mercenaries: To get all the available Mercenaries there will be many tasks and contracts that grant coins and serve to create more rare, epic and legendary Mercenary cards. New Mercenaries can also be found in Mercenary packs, which carry at least one Mercenary card or portrait per pack.
  • The village: It is the main Mercenaries room, where players can take the time to manage their collection, redeem task rewards, upgrade buildings, start contracts, and more.


Hearthstone: Mercenaries Cinematic Trailer

Diablo comes to Hearthstone Mercenaries: how to get it

None other than the Devil himself, the Lord of Terror, will be one of more than 50 Mercenaries available with the launch of Hearthstone: Mercenaries. This character can be obtained in one of three pre-order combos that include an iconic Blizzard character each.

Diablo can be obtained in any of these three combos:

  • Diablo Mercenaries Pre-Order Combo: Includes a Mercenary Diablo Legendary Diamond Card and 50 Mercenary Packs.
  • Lich King’s Mercenaries Pre-Order Combo: Includes a Legendary Lich King Mercenary Diamond card and 50 Mercenary Packs.
  • Sylvanas Mercenaries Combo: Includes a Gold Mercenary Sylvanas Legendary Card and 30 Mercenary Packs.
  • Without buying any combo it is also possible to get Diablo, the Lich King and Sylvanas in the game; through mercenaries packs or with the creation system.
Hearthstone - Mercenaries


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