From Michael Jackson to Mark Wahlberg: Five Celebrities Who Averted Death on 9/11 and One Who Didn’t

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

20 years have passed since the fateful attempt that destroyed the Twin Towers and killed 2,977 people on September 11, 2021, but we do not stop remembering that the tragedy could have been greater. And is that some Famous What Michael jackson or Mark Wahlberg they managed to escape disaster that day … and you couldn’t.

The September 11, 2001 it has become a symbolic date of remembrance. And it is that 20 years have passed since the world experienced one of the fateful World Trade Center bombings, where the famous Twin Towers were destroyed and where at least 2,977 people lost their lives.

However, the tragedy that paralyzed the world may have had even greater consequences. Many were the people who, by chance in life, were able to escape for seconds of dying after the fall of the emblematic buildings and, among them, some well-known names from the entertainment world.

Michael jackson or Mark Wahlberg are some of the celebrities who were able to escape almost certain death in the past September 11, 2001, although another was not so lucky.

Mark Wahlberg

20 years ago, the actor Mark Wahlberg I had bought a place in a plane from Boston to Los Angeles. However, a few days before the disaster, they decided to scrap the idea of ​​traveling on a commercial flight and opted for a private plane to make the journey, to attend a film festival in Toronto and, from there, fly to Los Angeles.

What Wahlberg did not know at the time is that this decision would save their lives, because that plane that they bought and that they finally never caught crashed on September 11, 2001 against one of the Twin Towers.

Michael jackson

Michael jackson was another of the celebrities who managed to escape the tragedy that occurred that September 11. As explained by his brother Jermaine jackson in his biography You are not alone: ​​Michael through a brother’s eyes, the king of pop had a meeting that very morning at Twin Towers.

Fortunately, he did not attend the meeting, since failed to wake up after having stayed talking to his mother the night before the attack, a gesture that finally saved his life. Jermaine claimed in his book that no one knew that the meeting had to take place until his mother called the hotel where Michael was staying that morning after the attacks occurred.

Seth McFarlane

The well-known creator of Family Guy and American dad, Seth McFarlane, also managed to avoid death that September 11. As explained by the actor, director and screenwriter of some of the most recognized series, that morning he had to take a plane from New York to Los Angeles, but your travel agency made a mistake with the departure time.

In this way, the actor ended up arriving late to the airport, when the plane had already taken off and, without knowing it, it was saved from an assured death because, an hour later, the flight crashed into the Twin Towers without leaving any survivors.

Still, McFarlane himself claimed that “the only reason it really hasn’t affected me as much as it could have is that I didn’t really know I was in danger at all until it was all over, so I didn’t go through that. moment of panic. “

Sarah ferguson

The british royalty he also managed to avoid the tragedy of World trade center. And it is that that morning of September 11, Sarah ferguson, Duchess of York, had an appointment at the offices of the NGO Chances for children, in which he participated assiduously.

However, this meeting had to be delayed for a few hours, as Ferguson was being interviewed by the journalist Matt lauer for the NBC network, the reason why did not come to the meeting which he planned to attend. In fact, during the interview itself, the broadcast had to be suspended when the first plane hit the tower.

Sarah Ferguson Scandal title =

The duchess would have accepted 500,000 euros in exchange for an interview with her ex-husband // María José Zamora

Rob lowe

Ten days before what happened at the World Trade Center, the actor Rob lowe took his flight path to the set of The West Wing of the White House in Washington DC. What I did not know is that that same route would be the one that terrorists would take on September 11, 2001.

Later, Rob Lowe learned, after that flight crashed in the middle of the Pennsylvania woods, that on the same flight were the terrorists who ended up hijacking the plane that finally never reached its goal, thanks to the rebellion of the passengers on board.

Berry berenson

However, not all stars suffered the same fate. The photographer and actress Berry berenson died aboard one of the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers, when he was returning to his home in California about cape cod vacation.

Sister of the actress Marisa berenson, the photographer worked for such respected magazines as Vogue, Glamor, Newsweek and Andy Warhol’s Interview. Furthermore, she had been married to Anthony Perkins, known for playing Norman Bates in the film Psychosisby Alfred Hitchcock.

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