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Fortnite: Universal Studios monsters and other horror surprises come to Fortnite

PLittle by little the weather turns cold, the streets fill with decorations, the Internet with horror stories and online games of horror collaborations to join the halloween hype; and the Fortnite community receives, as every year, new game dynamics, new environments and, of course, new outfits to wear in the middle of an attack of terror and jokes: this is Fortnitemares.

Universal’s monsters come to Fortnite

Today, October 5, Fortnitemares Week 1 begins (Remember that, according to the Fortnite updates, the weeks start every Tuesday) and will continue until October 11. This week the big reveal will be the appearance of the Frankenstein skin (actually, “Frankenstein’s Monster”, but hey) with the style of Frank Vintage, which will be available at today’s store change.

This entity will be part of the Universal Studios Monsters set: the monsters of the classic black and white movies that built the foundation of today’s cinematic horror. In addition to Frankenstein, it is known that the character of The Mummy (Which explains the leaked mummy skin from last season). Will arrive the Werewolf, Invisible Man, Pear Ghost and Dracula also?

Fornite Fortnitemares

Why are you struggling to translate Fortnitemares, Epic? The name is perfect.Epic Games.

What do the Fornite Cards mean?

That is the big question: Epic Games has revealed four different cards, each with a particular illustration that will be flipped once a week. The illustrations on the back of the cards should give us some clue of what to get. The one next week, for example, has an image of Squad Leader Arrumacos’ head as if it had been mended Frankenstein style.

But that skin was already available in the store, unless it is a similar style, or the rest of the cosmetics for that skin. The second card shows An aviation cap with glasses, like the one used by Renegade, is it a Dark or Zombie version of Renegade?

Fornite Fortnitemares

What do you think the next few weeks will prepare for us?Epic Games.

The last card is a sheriff’s hat, and already a couple of days ago it had been revealed a leak that pointed to two new characters from The Walking Dead entering the game, and this hat would correspond to that of Rick Grimes.

Fortnite Shorts Night

Another image released by Epic Games, about what is in store for us each week, lets us see that before the last week we can see released the “secret” skin of the season, popularly known as the Queen of the Cube. Does it have something to do with the Storm King music being in the store just a couple of days ago?

Fornite Fortnitemares

A look at what comes in the game.Epic Games.

For the last week of October the traditional short film festival of Fornite, a virtual projection in which you can enjoy some short animations focused on terror, and all through the game, but more information about the schedules and the event will be released later.



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