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Fortnite and Balenciaga: a clothing collaboration of more than € 800

If there is a game that has crazy collaborations and that you would never have imagined, it is none other than Fortnite. The popular Epic Games title has already surprised us on more than one occasion with very rare mixtures, so the new does not surprise us.

Balenciaga has decided to join Fortnite to launch a series of skins within Fortnite, which is focused mainly on urban clothing that hits and a lot within the world of battle royale, as seen in the trailer.

From September 20 you can buy these skins (a total of 4), as well as backpacks, picks and all kinds of accessories related to Balenciaga, as we say, one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world.

Fortnite Balenciaga Fit Back Blings
Fortnite Balenciaga Fit Items
Fortnite Balenciaga Fit Outfits

And … That is the problem we wanted to discuss. In addition to skins, the Fortnite and Balenciaga collaboration has also come to life with royal apparel and clothing, but it has more than exorbitant prices.

From € 895 sweatshirts, € 300 caps to € 500 normal t-shirts, figures totally out of place if we take into account the target of Fortnite, which are young boys and girls.

And yes, Balenciaga also launches all kinds of articles on its website for a very high price, but it is clear that if they wanted the collaboration to work, they should have adjusted the price to the pocket of those who consume said clothes.

The problem may be that a kid takes his mother’s card and spends € 500 to buy a shirt that he liked, since he is not aware of the money that it is, and the future claims that may be with it.

Be that as it may, the collaboration has already come out and surely the skins succeed in the game, but what are the actual clothing and clothing … It would be difficult for us to understand if they were sold.



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