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Five Eva Green tapes you should watch

The famous and beloved Eva green, Parisian actress and model, has been part of multiple feature films made in the film industry in recent years. Today he is turning 41 years old and, from Cine O’culto, we decided to honor his powerful career.

Debuting with his role in The Dreamers And, despite the highly criticized scenes that she carried out, the actress decided to continue her career by playing Sibyl of Jerusalem in the film Kingdom of heaven, directed by the English Ridley scott.

Eva Green returns to our televisions at The Luminaries
Eva green. Source: FreakEliteX

In 2006, he stood out with his appearance in the renowned film Royal Casino, working with Daniel Craig, with whom he shared a screen again a year later, in The Golden Compass.

Some years later, it shone in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, film based on the pioneering book of the saga of Ransom riggs. In 2017, he was part of D’apres une histoire vraie, French film screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival of the same year. In her last role, she played Lydia Wells in the BBC miniseries. Two The Luminaries, released last year.

5. Kingdom of Heaven

Godofredo de Ibelin sets out on a journey to search for a young French blacksmith, who has lost his closest relatives. After the death of his father, Balian takes over his land and his knighthood in Jerusalem, where people of different faiths have found a refuge to coexist peacefully during difficult times.

4. Perfect Sense

The context is a pandemic, the effects of which deprive people of each of their senses: first they lose their smell, then their taste, hearing and sight. No one can explain why, but the characters seek to survive by adapting to the circumstances.

3. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Jacob Portman, a young man who works in a supermarket, makes an incredible discovery: some mysterious clues that span different worlds and times. As a consequence, the young man sets out on a journey to a distant island to seek answers to his doubts, in the place where his late grandfather, Abraham, grew up.

2. Casino Royale

After getting permission to kill, an English agent covers up a man who finances terrorist organizations.

In the context of May ’68, Matthew travels to Paris and meets the brothers Theo and Isabelle. The characters are immersed in a story that they experience through all the senses, where they corrupt any socially established paradigm.

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