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Epic Games admits that Fortnite Imposters is inspired by Among Us

One of the most popular games so far, is Fortnite developed by Epic Games, who have sought new ways to surprise and impress their players, however, it was talked about last August when it released a new mode called Imposters, in which it had certain similarities to Among us, for which it was highly criticized and now Epic has made its opinion known.

Through the blog of Fortnite, in an entry dedicated to the news that the recent game update brings, which brings improvements to the Imposters mode and took the opportunity to clarify that this mode is inspired by Among us by Innersloth.

“Patch v18.20 comes with better than Imposters, the game mode inspired by Among Us from Innersloth!”, He saysFortnite.

Fortnite Imposters It consists of eight agents having the objective of protecting their headquarters from one of the secret factions, and thus being able to hold a meeting to discuss which player who seems suspicious may be the infiltrator. It certainly sounds similar to us.

After the launch of this game mode, it seems that those of Innersloth did not think of the idea, since the creators of the original game confirmed that it was not any kind of collaboration., despite the use of very similar terminology.

There were several months of silence in which he was Epic gamesHowever, it seems that after criticism from some fans of Among us, They had to come from where they took the inspiration for this type of game, to avoid other problems and not have more accusations of plagiarism.

Let us remember that it is not the first time that Fortnite is accused of plagiarism, as he was previously accused of copying some mechanics related to the Battle Royal of PUBG.


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