Epic admits Fortnite Imposters take inspiration from Among Us, months after debut

It was an open secret. Anyone who has followed the news in recent months will know that the Impostors from Fortnite had a suspicious resemblance to the indie hit Among us, but so far Epic Games had not publicly acknowledged it. Announced last August, this mode consists of eight agents who have the objective of protecting their headquarters from one of the secret factions and holding a meeting to discuss the player with suspicious behavior who may be the infiltrator.

As you would expect, the agents will have to perform different tasks while keeping an eye on their backs for the threat of imposters, whose purpose is nothing more than to eliminate all possible agents while sabotaging tasks to buy time and keep the agents busy. A development too similar to that of Among us… Something that InnerSloth, creators of the original title, did not like at all, confirmed that there was no collaboration although it uses a very similar terminology.

Epic Games has now published, along with an update message where you can read “patch v18.20 brings improvements to Impostors, gameplay inspired by Among us by Innersloth!“A simple mention, but that recognizes the source of inspiration of the mode; we do not know if there will also be some kind of financial compensation between Epic and Innersloth or everything is in a short line of the official blog.

Improvements in Imposters

Regarding the Impostors improvements, Epic says that you can “select if you prefer to be agents or impostors. Your choice will be taken into account when playing in public and private games., although it is not guaranteed that it will be awarded to you. “

Has also been added a game queue of Impostors with open voice chat: “The communication will be split between eliminated and active players, and mixing the responsible agents and the crafty impostors. Convince the group to vote for Mancake because, without a doubt, you have seen him pretending to do tasks and you were not at all near the Perrete fragment. Players who prefer to mute voice communication can select a queue of Imposters that only has quick chat enabled. “

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