Did Tom Cruise have surgery on his face ?: fans speculate after his recent appearance

American baseball fans were shocked this weekend when they saw a famous face in the crowd at the stadium. Tom cruise attended the matchup between the Dodgers in The Angels and the Giants of San Francisco which took place on Sunday, although his followers were more surprised by the appearance of the 59-year-old actor than by their presence at the sporting event.

For many users in the networks, the gallant of Hollywood He looked very different during Sunday’s game. Although she spent her time smiling and taking selfies at the game she visited with her son, Connor, movie fans focused on her face when talking about her appearance. Unlike the jagged jaw in his movies, the interpreter was seen with a somewhat swollen face.

The new appearance of
Tom cruise sparked theories about cosmetic touch-ups.

The appearance of the award-winning actor unleashed a wave of speculation, with fans theorizing about everything from his supposedly finer hair to his fuller-than-normal facial features. While some comments explained the change with a weight gain, others theorized that perhaps certain cosmetic procedures they were the culprits.

This isn’t the first time cosmetic surgery rumors have overwhelmed a celebrity after a surprise appearance. A few months ago, Twitter was showered with memes when Ricky Martin He appeared wearing something different, rumors that he later refuted. The actor Zac efron also faced similar rumors earlier in the year, which were disproved with his next public appearance where he looked as handsome as ever.

Fan theories about Tom Cruise’s face

Among the more alarming theories, some fans expressed concern over suspicion of poor health. Tom’s fuller face was cause for alarm to some netizens, who were concerned that he might be suffering from an illness. «Treatment with prednisone for something, possibly«A concerned fan tweeted.

Tom cruise He surprised baseball fans this Sunday by appearing at a game with his son Connor.

Prednisone is a steroid treatment that can be prescribed for a variety of reasons, including arthritis, skin conditions, and asthma, to name a few. One of the side effects of the drug is the “moon face” or facial swelling. This was the explanation of some fans in Twitter.

Cruise could also be gearing up for a new role. It’s not uncommon for actors to make drastic changes to their physical appearance for their roles, which means this could all be the result of prep work for an upcoming project.

According to reports, Tom Hanks gained weight for her role in Cast away, and Christian bale lost weight for his role in The Machinist, so maybe this is just another example of a strong work ethic from Hollywood.

The most reasonable explanation is that Cruise is starting to look his age. Considering how often we see him jumping out of helicopters or fighting baddies, it can be easy to forget that the actor is fast approaching 60 years.

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