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Curled Rollers. The Mystery Of The Roller In Argentina


Foam rubber rollers were born in the 1930s, which also had small plastic barriers to lock the hair. They worked the same as rags but made them very uncomfortable to sleep in, which is why the so famous look of the scarf on the street became very popular.


By 1940 there were already plastic rollers and in 1950 the velcro ones were introduced. At the same time, the metal ones that were heated to speed up the process. Velcro worked best, although it was still hard and uncomfortable to use.

Over time, electric curling irons became more popular and this caused curlers to be somewhat relegated. They were even discontinued. But, currently, there are some modern curlers that are heated and do not involve spending all night with them on your head. Although it is true that heat tools evolved so much that they covered almost the entire market.

This traditional method is still used when you want to acquire certain looks and they are still alive in some neighborhood hairdressers and, of course, in the heads of those ladies who knew how to wear them in their younger years. Because, although times change, there are customs that remain for life.

Let’s leave the curlers alone

Let our hair be. Enough of straightening. It is enough to think that what is good has to be smooth, rainy. What is good is our hair, whatever, with frizz, with volume, disheveled or not, straight, with waves or with curlers. This is fine because it is Ours, and that is Enough. Let’s teach everyone to love their hair, to learn to wear it, to learn to care for it. Especially when they are small. This is where you learn, and many still have the chip to think that it is wrong to have curlers, or that someone is untidy for using them. I fully bank my hair free !! What do you think? Do you agree?

Do you think curlers are out of style?
Nothing to see!

Drying the hair with rylos has many benefits and if we also add hydration the results will be spectacular. Your hair will look much shinier and less frizzy.

With the curlers:

The heat does not pass directly to the strand, keeping the ends of your hair healthy and sealed for longer.

You preserve the natural moisture of the hair, its elasticity and soft texture.

If you have color or chemical processes, it will preserve the health of your hair.

Blow drying will seal the strand.

Give a love to your hair

Inexpensive hairdresser. The concept of curler

A curler or roller is a cylindrical instrument that is used in hairdressing to curl hair. The rollers are plastic elements in which the hair is rolled to curl it. They have holes on their entire surface through which the clips can be inserted to fix the hair. There are different sizes, which are used depending on the length of the mane. As a general rule, it is recommended to make at least two turns on each roller.

The following types of curlers can be distinguished:

Conventional rollers: these are the plastic ones with openings.
Hot rollers: they are connected to electricity and are placed on the hair when they reach a certain temperature. They are used with dry hair and it is recommended to keep them on for five to twenty minutes.
Velcro rollers: adhere to the hair without using tweezers or tweezers. Its handling is simple but it is recommended not to abuse its use as they can damage the hair.
Sponge rollers: they are used to create waves in the hair.

Hair is no longer a way of adapting to the roles assigned by being women, but one more way of choosing freedom and identity. They washed our heads, but they no longer wash it. Now women choose their own shapes, colors and cuts. Not responding to demands, but to your own wishes.

The current challenge is to give visibility to the damage caused by this skewed view of the hair and, above all, to the opportunity to repair it. Because the eye is set on revaluing what has been lived and on betting on the future.

The best thing is not only to open the head to a new freedom to feel, see and show oneself, but to bet on repair, survival and fulfillment in a world that allows greater expansion.

Hair is a form of pride of desire over destiny.

Hair is an expression of the head, but not the only one. And hair freedom is also given by leaving the central monopoly on what is seen and admired in a woman: her hairstyle.

It is very common to find containers that are very similar to each other. Not only in the classic example of shampoo, where dozens of alternatives (“controlled curlers”, “greasy hair”, “vanilla essence”) coexist in almost identical presentations, but also among products that have nothing to do with each other and that they may be difficult to distinguish for certain people.

We consulted our star hairdresser in Palermo Ernesto “Rulo” Magneto and he sent us the following message.

Pelada also has a distinguished name: alopecia. But, dear readers, we believe that it is necessary to assume the pelada with dignity. Not all that glitters is gold. Of course not. Many of the glitters that we see in the streets are stripped of the most distinguished gentlemen. Although it must also be said that businesses that offer hair reimplants, micro-grafts and other similar “hairs” flourish like weeds.

The question is: At what cost? And we are not just talking about the monetary cost of some Hair Recovery sessions, the best known of the treatments. Here we are talking about the moral cost of not assuming our masculinity. Because you have to say it with all the letters. Hair loss is male well. Those who have testosterone and more at a certain age, will suffer the inexorable fall of one of the most beautiful capitals of youth. But lo and behold, being bald is also attractive to many women. So not to fall apart, and not to fall into the easy temptation.

Ruleros: Curled Rollers. The mystery of the Roller in Argentina

If you’re running low, live that moment with pride. The other alternatives, as an old Palermo neighbor said, who we will sly call “Kojak” would be something like covering the sun with your hand. It was what he told me that same day when he saw the well-known Bar Varela Varelita from Paraguay and Canning enter, in which we were chatting amicably, a ridiculous one with a brand new “quincho”. He elbowed me as he said, “Look at that one, he looks like David Crockett.” And the truth is that he is right, as much as the “cats” have improved and much in appearance, they are still “cats”. In a way, denying baldness would somehow resemble those cases of those guys who have somewhat long hair and when they move their head, they do it suddenly so that it wiggles from side to side. That is not male.

Or the current custom of many kids who walk around with Ivan Pineda-type hairstyles, which, on the contrary, force them to move their head slowly when they turn it over, so as not to feel that their cake is crumbling. Kojak told us that when he started to lose weight, and saw that huge actors like Jack Nicholson or Eddie Harris, just to name a few, who do not lack neither money nor fame, they assumed it with dignity, he decided to follow his example. Those were the times when the then “renovating and now Kirchnerist” De la Sota was in fashion, and he was constantly appearing in the media. Perlo far from looking like a “fachero”, he only resembled a monkey that blew a “talquera”. So boys of all ages, if you perceive that you are losing your hair, assume it with dignity, as age is assumed. Finally, the experience is a comb that they give you when you lose yourself, as the ineffable Oscar Ringo Bonavena said.

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