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Costumes for Halloween most wanted 2021

If you still have no idea what to dress up this Halloween and Day of the Dead now is a good time to discover some great options. This is the list of Most Wanted Halloween Costumes of 2021 that you should consult before deciding which one will be yours.

Despite the pandemic, it is very likely that you want to dress up in this holiday adopted from the United States, so At Panda Ancha we conjure up the recommendations that are trending, according to Google, as is the case with the Netflix series costume The Squid Game.

Most Wanted Halloween Costumes 2021 |  PandaAncha.com

Image via Mythology in the World of Comics

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Google shared the list of the most searched for Halloween costumes of 2021 and the results of this research will surprise you. The selection is perfect for women, men and children, you will even find options for your pet.

On Halloween 2021 it is very likely that you will see more than one woman in a witch costumeIt is the term with the most searches within the Horror Movies category with 8% of all searches.

On the other hand, it seems that Dressing up as a Rabbit is a trend in 2021 with 11% of searches in the category of animals. Whether you want a full body costume of this cuddly animal or Frank’s version of the mask from Donnie darko.

Most Wanted Halloween Costumes 2021 |  PandaAncha.com

Image via Astrozombies

Regarding the category of movie characters, this year the villain Cruella de Vil ranked fifth most searched for with 23% of searches. Let’s remember that this year it was released Cruella, the Disney Plus movie starring Emma Stone, so it is natural that you find wigs, makeup and accessories to put together your costume.

There is also a high probability that this Halloween you will meet comic book characters, such as Spider-Man or Harley QuinnWhether you want the costume sticking to the Batman animated series or the most current from the movie The Suicide Squad, with Margot Robbie.

Here are other popular Halloween costumes:

  • Star Wars costume – 23%.
  • Alien Costume – 23%.
  • Joker Costume – 23%.
  • Michael Myers Costume – 23%.
  • Dinosaur costume – 11%.
  • Batman costume – 10%.
  • Black Widow costume – 10%.
  • Baby Yoda Costume – 4%.

Whether you decide on a costume inspired by a fantasy or TV character, rest assured that in this list you will find very good options that you still have time to get.

At Panda Ancha we participate in the Amazon Services LLC program, a program that provides us with a means of earning fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliate sites. So, you can give click on the names of the costumes or on the reference images that we leave you next, so that we can take you to the best Halloween costumes on Amazon.

The most wanted Halloween costumes in 2021

Scarlet Witch Costume

Do youHow about a Scarlet Witch costume? Fans of the Marvel Studios series, WandaVision, You can find the costume with the red cape and the headdress similar to the one used by actress Elizabeth Olsen in her character as Wanda Maximoff. Remember the episode where he appears celebrating Halloween in Westview?

Scarlet Witch Costume

Image via Height Magazine

Spider-Man Costume

Find the best suit of this popular Marvel Comics superhero, everyone will recognize you immediately.

Spider-Man Costume

Rabbit Costume

You don’t have to spend too much money on your Halloween costume, a great option is to wear a Rabbit mask. This rabbit mask is hand painted and it’s perfect for a bunny costume Alice in Wonderland.

Rabbit costume

Frank Rabbit Mask from the movie Donnie darko

Now if you prefer to give a more cinematic twist to your rabbit costume, you can ask for the mask of Frank, the mysterious character dressed as a rabbit in the cult movie Donnie darko.

Frank Rabbit Mask from the movie Donnie Darko

Image via UNAM Global

Britney Spears Costume

You can dress up as Britney, the pop singer became really famous all over the world for the video clip of her song Baby One More Time where she is dressed as a schoolgirl. You can buy it by clicking on the image.

Britney Spears Costume

Image via Sopitas

Costume of The Squid Game

Check the options to build your uniform from staff from Squid Game, the most popular Netflix series right now.

Squid Game Costume

Mask The Squid Game

The Squid Game

Contestant costume The Squid Game

Squid Game Costume

Costume The purge

This year you can opt for the led lights mask of The Purge:

The Purge Mask

Mask The purge

The horror movie The purge It has a smiling mask with the red lips that you can wear for Halloween.

The Purge Costume

Image via La Tercera

Costume The Mandalorian

If you are a fan of the series Star Wars, The Mandalorian, This electronic helmet is perfect for your costume with the armor beskar fully adjustable and cool light effect.

The Mandalorian Costume

Star Wars Baby Yoda Dog Costume

One of the classic costumes of Star wars is this soft Yoda outfit for your best friend:

Baby Yoda Costume

Chucky costume for dogs

Dress up your pet with this funny devil doll costume.

Chucky costume for dogs

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