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Chris Hemsworth and his essential functional movements for gaining muscle

Chris Hemsworth he must be in good shape as part of his job, he is an action hero and if he wants to remain one he has to maintain his strength, muscle mass, stamina and agility (because those stunts and tricks are not going to be solved with CGI alone).

As part of your process, Chris Hemsworth, who is preparing for the sequel to Rescue Mission, even created his own fitness app and has decided to share some tricks, secrets and workouts on his social networks, as a way to create community and stay motivated, as well as which is also a good way to meet new challenges and to be able to adapt your routines to what you need for each movie or for your daily life.

In addition, the actor of Marvel (what are we going to see back in Thor: Love and Thunder along with Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson, and Christian Bale as the villain) has said that there is a “secret” that helps him make more profit and that it is something that everyone should have in their workouts. It’s about functional training.

What is and how is Chris Hemsworth’s occlusive training for Thor done?IMDb

What is functional entreitenement?

Functional training It is based on movements that are very common, but are generally overlooked or ignored by people, who believe that only by lifting weights will they achieve all their goals.

Experts say that functional training consists of doing movements and exercises that are relevant to the movements you do in your everyday life. Hemsworth and Centr (their app) explain that ” 7 primary movement patterns they are: push, pull, squats, lunges, hinges (hinge), rotation and gait. For example, a deadlift will help you lift something heavy off the ground. “

In addition, they say that the functional training It is especially important if you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting working, since if you jump from inactivity to an intense routine, you increase your risk of injury because your body does not have functional strength.

It’s about adding big movement patterns that are inspired by all the activities we do, which not only helps to gain muscle, but increases strength and cardiovascular fitness. Another advantage of this type of training is that it has benefits that not only apply in the gym, but that you will be able to do your normal activities in a better way (you will no longer end up with a contracture or a jerk from lifting your Amazon packages from the ground).

What are the best functional exercises?

Is about compound exercises that help strengthen the core, work on flexibility, agility and mobility, and it is recommended to do them at least 2 times a week (this will also help you get better lifting weights).

  • The most recommended is to add squats and lunges in various directions, adding a medicine ball or a pair of dumbbells for a greater challenge and to help build muscle and leg strength.
  • Another key exercise is the Lizards with shoulder touch (it is like a normal push-up, but you must touch your shoulders with the opposite hand at the top of the movement), in addition to the extensions from hips, which will help the body to become firmer and more resistant.
  • Centr also says that you should add the “gorillas lateral”As these improve hip mobility and activate the arms, legs, shoulders and core, which are all muscle groups you use to safely lift and move heavy objects.
  • Then there are the exercises with jumps and landings (such as plyometrics) to work on power, and cardio exercises such as walking, running or cycling.

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