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Chikybombom assures that Kunno is the mother of the Kardashians

Through their profiles Instagram, particularly in the Instagram stories section, the tiktoker originally from the Dominican Republic Chikybombom, who has become popular on social platforms with his phrases “good, good …” and the Mexican tiktoker Kunno, known for his 4k walk and today for other projects, revealed their most recent meeting.

Chikybombom highlighted that the influencer originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico is the mother of the Kardashians, referring to the American businesswoman, influencer and television star Kris Jenner, seeing him dressed in a very casual look and makeup. good taste, with touches of the kind worn by Kim’s mom, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. About Kunnor he stressed that yes and even that he also has the letter K in his name as the members of the world-renowned American family.

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This first meeting of content creators for social networks, which occurred during Kunno and Chikybombom’s recent visit to the Dominican Republic, has also allowed both of them to work on a collaboration of which they have not yet provided more details, but they did mention the following.

We come with something very tasty, “said Chikybombom, to which Kunno added,” they don’t know what it is to listen to it in person, but they do not (we can say anything), “they highlighted, leaving incognito what their collaboration might be about.

However, in recent times the Dominican has been seen singing more in her stories as well as in her tiktoks, while Kunno has been collaborating with various exponents of music precisely in recent times so perhaps their collaboration or together could imply some theme recording, however is something that has not yet been mentioned.

For now, the followers of these two social media characters can enjoy this brief meeting that will obviously lead to more content that can be seen soon.

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Without a doubt the tiktoker Mexican is looking to take advantage of every moment to do new things or meet with more content creators for social platforms in order to stay current and innovate. For her part, the Dominican is also looking to expand her horizons and diversify in terms of her content offer and job options.

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