Ben Affleck stole Matt Damon’s interview with his good command of Spanish | Wake up America shows

let’s go to your interview.with the latest from hollywood andall the information, I spoke withben affleck and matt damon is amovie that is based on atrue story, in a book butto my surprise, matt damonspeak Spanish like never before.>> why is that?>> I will continue to tell you later.the big screen nice to greet you, howis it?>> very good and you?>> glad to talk about thismovie, congratulations, come,happy with the job?>> í, I have a lot of pride tothis movie because I thinkit’s a very important storyabout a very incredible womanthat nobody has muchfamiliarity and was a personand we are lucky for thechance to bring thathistory to the people and alsothe opportunity to work withthese two writers verybig.>> especially me.>> no, especially her.>> you are the one in charge,truth?>> of course.>> is the boss.>> the genius.>> these friends face theoscar, they participate as actors,producers and writers of the[habla en ingés]versions of what happened to himto the woman who accuses the bestfriend of her husband abel hasbroken.[habla en ingés][habla en ingés]>> How do you manage to act?>> the fact that nobodyknow, at least here inthe united states, in frenchand it’s a bit famous butwe also had the opportunityto write a storycomplicated, you think you arelooking at a normal movie,like everything from the past, where theman is the staff ásimportant and women are fromsecond, third and importantin relation to what they need tothe men and thenwe found out that maybe it’s adifferent story, it’s adifferent man, tell us somethingdifferent from him, then themost interesting part for youis the third, when wewe discovered that no, all thatcame before is a type oflie.>> is it a wig or tente?>> wig.>> whose idea was it?is a director who has aidea for each thing, no morelittle one, he wants his dangerdisappears in a wayspecific, so I wanthave this type of characterfor these reasons and whenare you working for ateacher, such a great directorAs the.boss.I congratulate you both, youNicole, hits in this movieand we wait for you in miami in“wake up air.”>> thanks.>> what if he speaks Spanish?>> speaks perfect Spanish.I was really veryexcited, it’s a moviewho is a producer, writer andactor and wanted to talk about hisSpanish already flows.>> I think that is that does with mattDamon, I didn’t even let him speak in theinterview because I wastalking about this project thatopens this Friday in the living roomcinema.enjoy, theViking times, they havehave different but one

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